Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

In our Harvest Moon: One World review content, ‘Will we be able to live the farm life at home?’ We are looking for the answer to the question.

Harvest Moon: One Worldis planned as a game that brings the farm life to our home, where we can do our daily work and find our spouse with whom we spend our lives together. So is it good at it, has it done a good job against rivals like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons? We will give the answers in the review.

Harvest Moon: One World incelemesi

Harvest Moon: One World begins in a world where farming culture is almost over. Only potatoes grow as vegetables in the lands, while other vegetables are only found in books and fairy tales. Our character is obsessed with these books, looking for ways to bring vegetables back to the world. Our next-door neighbor, Doc Jr. We see a fairy when we go in search of vegetables, but only we can. The fairy gives us a seed, we plant the seed and grow a long-lost vegetable, and then our adventure of restoring the world begins by taking our portable farm and reawakening the Harvest Fairies. In the meantime, we have a side duty to find a suitable wife for ourselves and get married.

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

Life Is Easy With Portable Farm

In reviews, I have a habit of starting from the story first. The story is the point I pay the most attention to in a game. Of course, some types of games need to be separated in this regard. In a good fighting or simulation game, the story may not be that important. Nice story if there is a good story (Mortal Kombat 11), a big plus, but otherwise it’s not a problem. If you’re making a game about the farm, I don’t think the main story should be too deep. But if your story is something as ambitious as “reinvigorating the harvest,” you at least expect it to have an impact on gameplay.

I do not want to get stuck with the story part in the game, but there are things that annoy me a lot. As we do some tasks and make the nation happy, the main story progresses and the sick fairies awaken one by one. In the meantime, we can grow vegetables that have not been seen by the inhabitants of the “villages” and sell them to shops, give them gifts or cook and eat them. Moreover, the seeds are not found on the right and left, we grow these vegetables with the seeds given to us by the fairies. Someone said, “What if you come as a radish or something, but where do you find them?” does not say. Only potatoes grow in the world, I bring a new vegetable to the shop other than potatoes, but the seller does not say “This is very rare, it should pay a lot.” For example, if he gets a potato for under 40, he gives 60 to a tomato.

The game gives us the gas saying “You will save the world” but in practice it is so unsuccessful that one thinks “I wish there was no story, I take over my uncle’s farm”.

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

You Can’t Find Tomatoes Else

Let’s skip the story, we’ll be farming, it doesn’t matter how good the story is. The important thing is gameplay, systems, things to do and places to visit. You wouldn’t think how unnecessary the story is if you can sit in the game and think, “I’ll look at some vegetables, take care of the animals”.

We start the game by getting our own portable farm. Doc JR. After establishing our farm given by our company, we begin to clean the areas suitable for cultivation in the region. After throwing the stone in the soil, we sow the seeds given by the fairies, and we start working to get our first products by irrigating them with the water we draw from the well. In the beginning, the tools we have are very simple and we have to do everything by hand, but as we progress, there is a lot of things to do when you say irrigation systems, fertilizers, wider agricultural areas, etc. We also have a barn where it is possible to raise various livestock and produce and sell items such as milk, eggs, wool.

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

The production part is actually considered fun. You take the seeds given by the fairies and plant them in the field, water them regularly and collect them when they mature. There is a similar enjoyment to what you get when playing Farmville in time. But fairies give the seeds randomly according to their head, you cannot create a field layout as you wish. The inventory is very small at first and you may miss seeds because you cannot put your item on the ground (I searched a lot but could not find it). All operations such as seeding, irrigation and harvesting have been made simple with one click. Animal care proceeds in the same way. You like the cow three or five times, it gives milk. There are options to sell the products to the shop or deliver them to those who demand. You can also cook with the open kitchen. Everything feels like you are playing a mobile game.

We have to go to different regions to revive different fairies in the game. Each region has its own theme and climatic conditions suitable for the theme. The vegetables and fruits that we can produce vary according to the climatic conditions of the region where we are planting. There are new “villages” and new people in the new regions. It looks like a huge world, a lot of things to see, brand new content, right? Unfortunately, the game did the opposite.

The world in the game is big, but the content is so empty that I have a hard time saying anything nice. For example, only us and Doc Jr. is alive. When we go up a little, to the first “village”, they say “Who are you, have you just moved?” There are a total of 5 or 6 houses and two shops in the “village” I mentioned. There is also an animal farm and veterinarian in the distance, but both are independent locations. Village people are like “Worried Man” “Excited Woman”. Again, there are a couple of different types, like co-candidates or town heads.

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

Let’s say you have completed the first region by saying “The small village is already here, it is changing in the future”, let’s say you went to the new area after the bridge was repaired. You arrive in a certain village inspired by the Hawaiian region. The village called Hola Hola is on the beachfront and again has a limited number of houses and shops. Again, there are characters with interesting names and an area where we can establish our farm a little below. We can buy our portable farm here if we want, but since the crops are left behind, it is necessary to run (or ride a horse) every day to take care of the products from the old farm.

This is my biggest complaint, the world has grown but emptied. Even if tree types, climate and townspeople change, the dead air in the spaces remains the same. You are talking to someone and they disappear before your eyes. You dive in after the person you see entering the house, but it is empty. There are very few people who can interact anyway, the biggest interaction cannot go beyond the level of “let me grow 3 radishes”, at least if you made the world smaller but more full, if we were not bored while running in empty spaces.

While running, we get bored because everywhere is the same, the regions are always duplicates. You go down to the mine to collect resources, and all mines have the same types. After breaking it, you can see its contents. Although the interior of the mine is constantly expanding a little more, there are the same coatings on each floor. You are walking outside, all regions are alike. Trees and vegetation change according to the climate, but it feels as if we are always in the same place. The world has grown, but it’s like they grabbed a smaller picture by the ends.

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme

How Does It Work on Switch?

Harvest Moon: One World doesn’t come with huge promises visually. The preferred 3D art style did not bother me, but it has problems with implementation. There is a “soulless” that characters with special names have been studied but I could not explain. Animations aren’t very good, sometimes even problematic. I’ve already mentioned the copy-paste style of the world above. It was unpleasant for low-resolution coatings to be used not only in the environment but also in the animals we care about. There are a lot of things that I can say “They did well again, according to the power of the device” if I saw it on older consoles. Port to Switch as if it came out as a mobile game they have I feel like.

I did not find the game performance bad on the Nintendo Switch. Sometimes I encounter load times that can take up to half a minute. The next installation is completed in 10 seconds. Once or twice I ran into a problem with graphics errors and once my beat disappeared from under my feet, but methods such as restarting the game and reverting to the previous log file were resolved.

Harvest Moon: One World inceleme


I first came across the Harvest Moon series when I was looking for a different game for Playstation 1. It is a special game for me as a child with little English, where I spend a lot of time and figure out how to play it. Since 2014, the original Harvest Moon series “Bokujo Monogatari” left the franchise rights of the series to the publisher, I am saddened by the point the series has reached. Although the publisher company has released new games under the name Natsume Harvest Moon, none of these games belong to the series we know and love. The series continues with its new name, Story of Seasons, outside of Japan.

Harvest Moon: One World Frankly, I was a little hopeful about it. With competitors like Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons, and Animal Crossing, I was hoping they could do a decent job under a name that still has value. The resulting game was below my expectations. It’s not a bad game in the face, but if you’re going out with a $ 50 price tag, you need to have content that can compete with your inspired $ 15 Stardew Valley.

If your intention is to play an enjoyable game where you can also farm, I cannot recommend this game to you. It does not meet its price tag neither visually nor in content. It might be unfair to compare it with a game like Stardew Valley that has been developed over the years, so I compare it with Story of Seasons’ old game “Friends of Mineral Town”, it is still weak. It’s not a bad game, but considering the price it wants, there are much better alternatives.

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