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Half Life Alyx ‘advanced sequel’ may be on its way

Based on information from the leaks, we can see a sequel “expanded and improved” for Half Life Alyx. Valve’s secrets come to light.

Half Life Alyx Seems like a sequel to was leaked by Valve, according to reports. Rumors have surfaced on the internet about an improved and further expanded version of Alyx, the representative of the series in VR and the last game ever released. In a new video that has been released, data miner and reporter Tyler McVicker talks about a new VR project known as the Citadel.

Is the Half Life Alyx sequel coming? Valve’s love for VR

In the new video, Tyler McVicker summarizes the recent changes made to the Valve VR project, according to another game rumor known as the Citadel. The new code is related to Half-Life VR and includes the states of hand joints and grenade mechanics that “appear to add to the HLVR formula for unknown reasons” summing up. “HLVR/HLXIt is also stated that it is marked as “. You can watch the video right below.

McVicker says HLX is a brand new codename “based on the framework originally built on Half Life Alyx,” but the report is a sequel to the original Half Life VR. Based on this information, “it looks like there are two virtual reality teams acting simultaneously under Valve’s roof,” he said. One of them is often the subject of rumors Half Life CitadelThe other is developing HLX. McVicker claims that this project “should be the successor of Half Life Alyx”. Because the new project, according to him, is a “only mechanics of Half Life Alyx developed, expanded and iterated”. It continues to outline a number of recently submitted files on one or both of these projects, including water physics, enemy types and dynamic weather, as well as lighting.

Half Life Alyx

Valve has not made an official announcement about a potential sequel or anything for Half Life Alyx. It is also very possible that the development work brought out by McVicker will lead to nothing. For this reason, it is better to approach the issue with “a handful of salt” instead of considering this as an official announcement. However, when this information is combined with the statements from Robin Walker – he is a key figure in the Half-Life series – it looks very promising.

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