GTA Vice City Beta Edition 3.5.6 çıktı

GTA Vice City Beta Edition 3.5.6 released

Version 3.5.6 of the GTA Vice City Beta Edition project, which started to add features that were clipped from the game during the development process, has been released.

A new update has arrived for the GTA Vice City mod released by mod developer “KalvinMDB”. For those who are unfamiliar with fashion, let’s explain briefly at the introduction, we will go into the details later in the article. Basically GTA Vice City Beta Edition mod is a project that was launched to re-add parts that were clipped while the original game was developed. The new 3.5.6 update has also been released today. Let’s examine it together.

GTA Vice City Beta Edition 3.5.6 update released

The mod in question is in the development process most of the content and features cut from the game aims to add to the game. Although not all of them, it is stated that the vast majority will be brought with the work done. This project, which was attempted to restore the buildings, dialogues, NPCs and initial atmosphere in the game, continues to be updated. In this way, it is aimed for PC players to have the most authentic experience with GTA Vice City Beta Edition.

Version 3.5.6 of the mod focuses on fixing many bugs in previous versions and adds a few new content. Unfortunately, we do not have a detailed list of new content added to the fashion. However, you can now install this mod with its own installer and add it to your game. The developer is currently working on version 4 of the mod. It plans to finish the rest of the map editing with this release. It will also restore dialogs removed from missions and rebuild weapons removed from the game. These weapons include interesting weapons such as grenade launchers and Tazer.

GTA Vice City Beta Edition 3.5.6 released

With the next update, mechanics that carry the texture of the GTA series such as flirting, drinking, gambling are also coming to the game. Finally, it plans to bring back songs and more various content from radio stations with the GTA Vice City Beta Edition mode.

Modu by clicking here You can download it.

About the mod

The developer explains the following on the moddb page place has given:

BETA Edition is a modification (at least known and / or possible) that aims to bring back most, if not all, of the features under development for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This will include / restore things like removed buildings, broken dialogues, pedestrian views, general atmosphere and much more to deliver the most authentic experience. All information comes from a variety of sources, such as BradyGames’ Official Strategy Guide, Guidelines / Pre-Release Screenshots, and Residual Files. I don’t plan on doing anything that has little or no evidence of its existence in the alpha / beta stages of the game’s development, but some parts of it could be improvised.

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