Gta Online yeni nesil konsollara özel geliştirmeler getiriyor

Gta Online brings special improvements to next-gen consoles

Gta Online may come with some vehicle improvements specific to the next generation consoles.

Gta Online brings special improvements to the next generation consoles. New update coming to Gta Online The Los Santos Tuners It will add 17 new cars to the game. 10 of these vehicles will be added to the game with the update on Tuesday, July 20 (today), but some of the updates will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X|S.

The Prize Ride Challenges Players will compete in a prize game with the new racing event called. Players who win the race will be able to make special decorations for Car Meet areas in special stores called Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, Modding Area and Private Takeover.


When will Gta Online’s next-generation console-specific improvements come?

Coming with a versatile content pack The Los Santos Tuners, It will add a new Social Space called LS Car Meet to the game. Here players will be able to unlock a new fame tree and start a character development mode where they can get different rewards at each level.

Although the date of the update, which will be brought specifically to the new generation consoles, is announced as November, there is no clear information about when the next generation consoles will be released. Sources claim that this announced update date also points to the release date of the consoles.

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