Gothic Remake geliştirme süreci devam ediyor

Gothic Remake development process continues

The Gothic Remake development process continues at full speed in the new Barcelona studio. They will be announcing new details in the coming months.

In recent years, THQ Nordic has released a surprise remake demo for Piranha Bytes’ cult 2001 RPG Gothic. The demo was originally released to gauge how enthusiastic fans are for a remake of the game Gothic. As a result of this pulse check, the publisher announced that it has established a new studio in Barcelona to develop the game.

Gothic Remake development process continues at full speed

Gothic was not actually a prominent production in terms of graphics according to 2001 standards. However, choice-based and result-oriented storytelling was enough to overshadow all its shortcomings. The complexity of the game is still impressive even by modern standards. It is also a game that likes to reward patience and curiosity. gives we can say.

Gothic Remake was approved in February last year, two months after the playable demo was released. According to a statement from THQ Nordic Alkimia Interactivewas founded in 2020 to work on the project and currently employs more than 35 talented developers in Barcelona. The studio is currently working for at least 16 development roles ranging from level designer to tester. looking for employee.

Gothic Remake development process continues

The announcement also says that the development process is in full swing and more about the game will be revealed in the next few months. THQ NordicWhen he gave the green light to the project in February, he said he wanted the development process to be “transparent and open production with the community”. New details for the remake of the popular game by Piranha Bytes will come soon.

It’s also worth noting that the Gothic Remake version really looks amazing compared to the original game. You can watch the comparison from the video below. So what are your views on this remake? What does the remake look like or was it necessary? You can share your views in the comments section.

About Gothic

It is a single player RPG game for PC developed by the German company Piranha Bytes. It was first published in Germany in March 2001. Eight months later, the North American version was switched on 23 November 2001 and the Polish version on 28 March 2002. The game published by THQ Nordic is the beginning of the series, and the series features many main and side games.

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