Gotham Knights çıkış tarihi 2022

Gotham Knights release date postponed to 2022

The release date for Gotham Knights, the new game of the DC universe developed by WB Games Montreal, has been postponed to 2022.

WB Games Montreal Developed and published by Warner Bros. Interactive’s game was postponed. Gotham Knights release date has passed to 2022. With a new announcement published on their social media accounts today, they notified the players that the game was postponed. It seems that this game has joined the caravan of those who have been postponed, as all games have done recently.

Gotham Knights release date changed, to 2022

The production, announced in August last year, appeared before the actors during a digital DC event. When it was announced, they marked 2021 as the release date, but today by announcement new Gotham Knights release date It will happen in 2022. New game both by yourself and for 2 people if you wish co-op can be played to be.

Gotham Knights’s Warner Bros. The detail developed by Montreal is very important. Because the same developer is the predecessor of Rocksteady’s beloved trilogy Batman: Arkham Originshad developed. Gotham Knights has minor similarities to these games, but Warner Bros. confirmed that the game will take place in a new universe and is not a sequel to the Arkham games.

Gotham Knights release date postponed to 2022

Incidentally, Rocksteady is currently developing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. For the game that will be released for the next generation consoles and PC platform, they have previously released a very good trailer. Although our information about the game, which stands out with its graphics and animations, is very limited, they shared something when it was announced. When the new Suicide Squad game was first announced, they were aiming to release in 2022. We hope it won’t be delayed either. You can reach our related news by clicking here.

Gotham Knights Hakkında

We begin at a time when Batman dies and criminals of the underworld destroy Gotham City. All work is now up to the Batman family. Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin go to work to bring hope to the citizens, discipline with the cops and instill fear in the criminals. Developed says in its description that it is “the most dynamic and interactive open world RPG game set in Gotham City ever”. You can play alone or choose a hero as a co-op with your friends. By patrolling 5 different districts of Gotham, you will be able to end criminal activities anywhere you find. This results in the variety of main quests as well as side quests emphasizes.

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