GeForce Now fiyatları arttı, Türkiye fiyatı artık en ucuzu

GeForce Now prices have increased, Turkey is no longer the cheapest price

Subscription prices have also increased on GeForce Now global servers. As a result it was no longer the cheapest price GFN Turkey subscription fee for the service.

GeForce Now prices has been a topic of discussion for a long time. In Turkey GFN powered by Game+ The subscription service given under the name of has been receiving great criticism since the day it was launched. Despite the difference in the exchange rate of the global price remains very reasonable prices in Turkey now was the cheapest prices in the world can have access to this subscription. Naturally, Nvidia global users of the Turks in Turkey to ATS ‘decision to step back to the server, it’s still mandatory transition phrases on the site.

GeForce Now prices rose, Turkey was no longer the cheapest price

While waiting for the fall in prices that Turkey is global rise in the price of the GeForce Now the most appropriate bit tragic state of our country. Subscription fees for America $ 9.99 in Germany while on the band 8,99 Euro as updated. Simple math if you want to get a GeForce Now American servers from Turkey’s membership in a paid 73.62 Turkish Lira using the exchange rate of the day. Will take on the US server efficiency will also be a logical choice, considering Turkey to pay the 74.9 per server. At the same time, if you try to get subscription service on the Germany server, a fee of 78.99 TL. you will pay.

GeForce Now prices have increased, Turkey is no longer the cheapest price

We were expecting that the GeForce Now prices would decrease in our country, but things were not what we expected. Prices criticized because GFN powered by Game + service has become the most viable option for players in Turkey at the moment. Frankly, we didn’t know if we were sad or happy. It seems that just like console and console games, GFN will also hinder the income level gap in our country. In order to use the service, you must have at least 25mbps internet speed and 74.9 TL monthly money.

As you know, last week the decision had been taken to a forced transition from global to Turkey servers. After that, we said that a few days later, according to the emails sent by Nvidia, a step back was taken. However, since that day, there have been people receiving e-mails both on social media and around us to move accounts. Now the reason is quite clear. Users who try to connect to European and American servers from our country will probably experience input lag and quality degradation. It is no longer necessary, GeForce Now prices with a price of 74.9 TL are offered in our country as of now. This seems to result in losing hope of a future price drop. Like we said, should we be happy? Are we upset? We didn’t know. So what do you think about the current situation with the increasing prices of subscription service globally? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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