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Game entrepreneur training project begins

The Game Entrepreneur Development Project, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, begins.

TOGED (Turkey Game Developers Association) made a statement supported by the Youth and Sports Ministry Game Entrepreneur Training Projectannounced that it will begin. You can take a look at the details and the official statement below about this program, which is organized for the training of university graduates or students as game entrepreneurs.

About the game entrepreneur training project

Training programs will be organized to train Game Entrepreneurs for young people, including university graduates or students, to train game entrepreneurs. Our project TOSYOV (Turkey Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Freelance Professionals and Managers Association) TOGEDDA (Turkey Game Developers Association) and is to be carried out in cooperation with Ankara Development Agency project is the Youth and Sports Ministry GPDP-2021-1 Youth Program adopted in the framework of 6 months duration is a project.

The general purpose of the project

It aims to enable young people to become game entrepreneurs and to establish their own businesses, to benefit from government support for establishing their own businesses, to reveal the entrepreneurial aspects of game entrepreneurs and to strengthen their creativity integrated with new technologies.

Project calendar and activity plan

Our project started in February 2021 and the trainings will be completed in March, April, May and June of this year.

Game entrepreneur training project begins

Training subjects, terms of participation and program

University students or graduates between the ages of 20-35 will participate in the trainings. Young people who have registered and will be able to participate for 1 month within the specified dates (March, April, May, June 2021) and whose registration information is suitable for game entrepreneurship will be able to participate. The participant must have a beginner knowledge of Unity and Photoshop for design.

Participants will be deemed to have completed the program and will be certified if 4 different groups of 20 people are determined during the program and if they provide 1 month attendance for the group they are selected.

Educational subjects; Entrepreneurship Training (70 Hours), Game Development Training (70 Hours), Leadership Training (70 Hours) (Each group will complete all training within 30 days (1 month).)

The trainings will be held face to face at Ankara Development Agency in Ankara, and those who are eligible to participate will be notified by e-mail before the training starts.

To view the training program hereTo enroll in the training program burayClick.

Game lesson titles

Introduction to Unity and Programming
Unity, Visual Studio, Android SDK Kurulumu
Basic Unity Components
C # Basics in Unity
Interface Structures Animation
Particle System
Using Physics Engine
Input & Kontrol
Tag and Layer Systems
Stage Structure
Unity GameObject and Object Structures
Prefab Structure Camera and Raycast Operations
Lighting ve Lightmapping
Project Build and Deploy Operations
2D Project Development
3D Project Development

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