Rust konsol sürümü için ilk tanıtım videosu yayınlandı

First teaser video for Rust console version released

Rust, which has reached a considerable number of players with its PC version, is preparing to face console players this time.

Survival dynamics are of great importance. RustThis time, it is preparing to appear with the console version. On February 8, 2018, the console version of the game, which was released on Steam and reached a considerable audience, was announced and a promotional video for this version was also released.

Rust is coming to consoles very soon

Double Eleven company shared the images of the console version of the game with the video it published. Rust Console Edition More rumors emerged about this version of the game, which will be released with the name, but the production team preferred to remain silent on this issue. Although the console version of the game listed by the ESRB was announced in December 2019, we could not witness any development regarding this version afterwards.

From the company’s social media accounts published When we look at the promotional video, we see that conflict dynamics are included rather than survival dynamics. In the same statement, it was also stated that a special beta process for the game will begin on March 29, 2021. In this beta version, where closed and limited players will be received, feedback will be received on technical items and the console operation of the game. Developed for PS4 and Xbox One and has no release date yet Rust Console Edition You can take a look at the promotional video published for the game and the description of the game below.

“The only goal in Rust is to survive. To do this you have to overcome obstacles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Burn fire. Build shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players and kill them for meat. Forge alliances with other players and Build a town.

Do whatever it takes to survive. “

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