Gothic Remake için ilk ekran görüntüleri harika görünüyor

First screenshots for Gothic Remake look great

The first screenshots placed on the Steam page opened for Gothic Remake look great. At the same time, the dimension of the game was revealed.

The first screenshots for the Gothic 1 Remake, developed by Alkimia Interactive and published by THQ Nordic, took place on Steam. The store page of the recently opened game also contains small details for the players. Gothic Remake will seem like a healing to the market. The remake project for the game, which has recently turned 20 years old, obviously looks promising.

First screenshots for Gothic Remake revealed

Steam store With the opening of the page, the first screenshots for Gothic Remake have taken place on the internet. Obviously, if the graphics are like the screenshots, the game can make a big noise. The remake of the cult RPG Gothic 1 seems to have kept up with the times completely. The short description on the game’s Steam page says:

First screenshots for Gothic Remake look great

“The Kingdom of Myrtana has been occupied by a relentless army of Orcs. King Rhobar II needs a large amount of magical ore to produce powerful weapons. Khorinis runs its mines to all available prisoners.”

As content, Gothic Remake promises players a complete remake experience that stays true to the original. At the same time, the fighting system in the game has been arranged to keep up with the standards of the modern age. In the game where we will revive an unnamed hero, we will have the chance to rediscover the mining colonies with today’s graphics.

First screenshots for Gothic Remake look great

As of now, there is no announced release date for Gothic Remake. It is also stated as “Coming soon” on the Steam store page. We are clearly very hopeful for the game developed at THQ Nordic’s new studio in Barcelona. Although it is not clear yet, small details about the system requirements have also taken place in the store.

First screenshots for Gothic Remake look great

The game requires at least Windows 10 64 bit as an operating system. Although no specific processor is specified yet, you will need to have at least 8GB of RAM. In addition, the video card should support at least the DirectX 11 version, although it is unclear. The area that the game will take up on our computer 30 GB specified as.

First screenshots for Gothic Remake look great

Gothic has turned 20!

With an announcement on the Steam store yesterday, they stated that the first game turned 20. In honor of this, they shared a Scavenger visual of their new game with the players. So what do you think Gothic Remake looks like? Do not forget to state your opinions and ideas in the comments section.

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