Yeni Resident Evil filmi için ilk poster yayınlandı

First poster released for new Resident Evil movie

The first poster of the new Resident Evil movie, which is planned to be released this year, and the list of characters to be featured in the movie have also been published.

Resident Evil filmi The first poster was published for the show, and with this poster, we have seen the names of the important characters in the film. If you remember, the Resident Evil series starring Milla Jovavich ended with The Final Chapter released in 2016. Later, Sony announced that it would make a new start to the series. Although old movies are satisfying in terms of action, Resident Evil They moved away from the atmosphere and theme, just like some games of the series. When we look at the statements made about this new movie project, we see that it will be more connected to the RE series.

New Resident Evil movie is coming

Although there is no clear explanation about the subject of the film, we will encounter a process that follows the footsteps of the first games of the series. It was previously announced that there will be venues such as Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City Orphanage in the film. Produced by Constantin Film, the new Resident Evil Johannes Roberts is the director of the movie. Roberts previously directed films such as Terror At Sea and 47 Meters Deep: The Cage.

When we look at the first poster of the movie, we see a forested area in the background with the Resident Evil logo. This poster, in which mostly black and red colors are used, will also be featured in the movie. Resident Evil characters are also included. When we look at the cast, we see the names who have worked in important projects before. Kaya Scodelario and Ready Player One, Black Mirror, Ant-Man and the Wasp, which have appeared in productions such as Maze Runner, Deadly Waters and Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadly’s Revenge, as well as Tom Hopper, which has appeared in productions such as Game of Thrones, Umbrealla Academy and Black Sails. Hannah John-Kamen, who took part in productions such as, are the prominent names in the cast of the film. The posters of the movie, the cast and the characters they will portray are as follows: in the way;

The first poster of the new Resident Evil movie arrives

Resident Evil cast

Hannah John-Kamen – Jill Valentine

Kaya Scodelario – Claire Redfield

Neal McDonough – William Birkin

Donal Logue – Chief Brian Irons

Tom Hopper – Albert Wesker

Robbie Amell – Chris Redfield

Avan Jogia- Leon S. Kennedy

Lily Gao – Ada Wong

Nathan Dales – Brad Vickers

Josh Cruddas – Ben Bertolucci

Stephannie Hawkins – Sickly Mom

Chad Rook – Richard Aiken

Janet Porter – Annette Birkin

Holly de Barros – Sherry Birkin

Sammy Azero – Enrico Marini

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