Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One için ilk resmi oyun fragmanı yayınlandı

First official trailer released for Chapter One

The first official game trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One with information about the game’s mechanics has been released by Frogwares.

Frogwares has released the first official game trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. This trailer will give you an idea of ​​the game’s graphics and game mechanics.

First official trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One released

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a detective thriller based on a third-person, open-world story. The game serves as a prequel to the personal story of the world famous detective; It was good work to get an idea of ​​what events might have led to Sherlock becoming the iconic detective that many people know today.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will arrive on the PC platform in 2021.

Below FrogwaresYou can also find a translation of a group interview on the website of. It will give you more information about the game.

How big will the game be and how many cases will it cover? Only five small cases similar to the previous one? Or maybe a big, long case?

There are 5 main missions in the game, all linked to a single continuous story and we also have more than 30 side missions, some as big as the main quests. Also, I would say it will take about 12 to 15 hours to get through the main story, maybe 40 to 50 hours if you want to see everything that happens in the game.

Will the game focus solely on the mystery about Sherlock’s mother’s death? Or will we also have little mysteries to deal with along the way?

Sherlock is truly driven by the goal of learning the truth about his mother – that is his main motivation for his quest. Remember, too, that he wants to prove to everyone that he is a true detective, so he is eager to investigate any incident – or side missions, if you prefer – that happens on the island. And they all offer different stories, some linked to Sherlock, Jon and their past, while others revolve around the people on the island and the skeletons in their closets.

First official trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One released

Is the game too linear, or will we have options as to when (to some extent) which tasks we do? How free are we to explore the world?

This is an open world game, so after completing the first main mission you will be free to explore the island and find new missions on your own. Of course, it’s up to you to choose what to do and when. So you are free to deal with both main and side content.

Will Sherlock wear a disguised costume this time?

Yes! Disguise is a big part of Chapter One and creates synergies with many of the other skills at your disposal, but we’ll talk about that later. You can find or buy new outfits while playing. They help you gain the trust of different social groups, gain access to closed spaces or customize the look of your Sherlock. You can buy new clothes, hats, glasses, change facial hair, and even apply bruises and wrinkles if you need to look older.

First official trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One released

I read that we can decorate the mansion so we can shop for furniture and clothes or will it be unlocked as we play?

Both. You can find or win some of them as rewards or sometimes you have to buy them from local sellers.

Will the game have multiple consequences for cases or will it have endings like before?

Oh yes, absolutely! All main quests and most side quests will have different consequences depending on your moral choices. And of course the game itself will offer a few different endings.

Will we just focus on solving the puzzles or will we see Sherlock fight a little bit?

Uh, we’ll see Sherlock fighting a bit too, it makes sense for the story here. Remember that our 21-year-old Sherlock is much more arrogant and reckless than he was before, so yes, sometimes you will have to fight the criminals when they attack you and you can use Sherlock’s observation skills to keep your hands clean. But you won’t be able to attack random people in the city because we think it doesn’t fit Sherlock’s character.

When can we expect to see the game and who is in the voice cast?

I’ll be honest, we’re not ready to show you the gameplay yet. As for the voice cast, we are happy to announce that Alex Jordan is our Sherlock Holmes and Wil Coban is our Jonathan. They did a great job keeping our characters alive!

How much of the Sinking City structure will be? Will investigations be conducted in a linear fashion or will we be free to make mistakes and denounce the wrong person?

Yes, you can definitely blame the wrong person, for example Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments. You will have several different suspects in each main mission, and you can usually conclude that both of them may be responsible for the crime. It depends on how many clues you find and how you interpret their context and how you put them together. So it is possible to fail your research, but the story will continue no matter what.

By the way, even if you think your suspect is guilty, you can still let them get rid of him because, I don’t know, maybe you don’t believe they deserve to be punished for what they did. It’s up to you.

When it comes to side missions, these are usually a little more linear, but still offer many inferences, moral choices, and of course interesting stories.

Will there be a teleported Watson option? I liked that he stood still, turned around and BOOM, standing right in front of you while you were walking away from him in the old games. I miss this.

Considering Watson wasn’t even in the game, I guess it would be pretty shocking if he teleported in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

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