First details for PS5’s next generation PS VR 2 controller

The first details have been shared for the PS VR 2 controller, a new generation virtual reality headset that Sony has recently announced.

The first details for the PS VR 2 controller, which will be released to the Playstation 5, were shared by Sony. If you remember, the company made an announcement last month and announced that this device is under development by announcing the new generation PS5 virtual reality glasses. Later, we started to see the PS VR 2 phrase on some accessories. In the past minutes, the PS Blog page over The first details and images have been shared for the PS VR 2 controller.

First images released for PS VR 2 controller

In the previous statement, it was stated that this controller will incorporate new features such as DualSense. When we look at the announcement made today, we see that in addition to features such as Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback, the PS VR 2 controller will also have features such as finger touch detection.

First details for PS5's next generation PS VR 2 controller

The first striking point in the design is that it now offers a wireless control. In this new sphere-shaped controller, a structure that fits our hands perfectly is preferred. Along with the handle part, the analog structure on both controllers and of course the keys attract attention. We see that there are trigger keys on the underside of the handles. It is stated that this globe design will give the players the freedom they want and will have an ergonomic structure. Some of the features explained for the controller are as follows;

PS VR 2 controller features

Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive Triggers feature, one of the most important features of the DualSense controller, will also be one of the most important features of the PS VR 2 controller. We will see this feature in both right and left triggers. The triggers will be sensitive to press depending on the application type in the games you play. In other words, when you fire a weapon or use a sword, you will encounter a different pressing reaction. It is stated that this experience will offer a much different gameplay with the combination of virtual reality.

Haptic Feedback

Again, one of the most important features of the DualSense controller is also seen in the new generation virtual reality controller. You will see that the controllers have different vibrations according to the application method in the games. In other words, a different vibration will be presented to the players when they are walking on sand or running on grass in the desert. Or when you use swords or knives, you will encounter very different vibrations.

First details for PS5's next generation PS VR 2 controller

Finger Touch Detection

According to the explanation made, the controller will be able to perceive our thumb, middle and index fingers without touching the area we need to place. This feature would allow us to move more naturally with our hands while playing games.


The PS VR 2 headset, which has not yet been designed, will actually track exactly where the controllers are, thanks to the watch ring located under these controllers.

First details for PS5's next generation PS VR 2 controller

Keypad and Analog Sticks (Action Buttons and Analog Sticks)

According to the statement, there will be triangle square drops and L1, L2 keys in the left controller, except for an analog. While L1 is called the grip key, the L2 key will also act as a trigger, just like the DualSense. The right controller has an analog and Cross and Square keys. Again, the R1 key for grip and the R2 key, which also acts as a trigger, will be located on this controller. There is also an Options button on the right controller. The grip keys are located inside the controller. In other words, if you shake your hand slightly while holding an object, this will be a similar process.

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