Hayranları Super Mario filmi için 20 dakikalık yeni görüntüler yayınladı

Fans have released 20 minutes of new footage for the Super Mario movie

A group of fans has released a lengthy episode featuring previously undiscovered deleted scenes for the 1993 Super movie Super Mario.

Super Mario Bros. It’s been almost thirty years since the movie was released with the slogan “This is not a game”. A group of fans discovered never-before-seen and deleted scenes for the 1993 Super Mario movie, extending the original 104 minutes to 125 minutes, and posted it online.

20 minutes of new footage for the Super Mario movie

These never-before-seen scenes include a cut from the original release where Bob Hoskins’ Mario and John Leguizamo compete with Luigi’s Mafia-affiliated plumbing company. In addition, various scenes throughout the film have been rearranged and expanded. Morton Jankel Cut The extended film can be viewed in full on the internet. Although the film is not officially released, the team that made the remake is working on the official release of an expanded edition of the film as well.

Super Mario Bros. has been scorned for years for not being like the game on which it’s based. Now, with its new editing, Gilchrist and Super Mario Bros. The Archive team hopes people understand why this is so.

20 minutes of new footage for the Super Mario movie

The Super Mario Bros. Ryan Hoss and Steven Applebaum of Archive, a fan friend and Super Mario Bros. He spent years trying to find an expanded version of the film before it fell into the hands of Archive community member Ryan Parente. An expanded version of the film was available on an old VHS tape owned by producer Roland Joffé.

The Internet Archive version of the movie includes detailed information on the technical logistics behind the renovation. Super Mario Bros. The Film Archive Team discovered a VHS tape containing a long rough cut of the film in May 2019. Due to the poor quality of the work, he hired filmmaker Garret Gilchrist to regain the footage.

During this process, the team’s work bore fruit and they were able to add an extra 20 minutes to the film. The team thinks that in this way, the film can be better understood and its reputation can be restored.

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