Fall Guys 5. sezonu Orman Macerası teması ile geliyor

Fall Guys season 5 is coming with the Jungle Adventure theme

Fall Guys season 5 will be the game’s most ambitious, bringing with it brand new maps, events and extras.

Fall Guys, which fascinates everyone with its fun characters and colorful parkour adventures, is getting ready to drag its players to brand new content with its 5th season “Forest Adventure”. Along with 6 new maps, activities that you can play with two and three friends are also added to the game.

Fall Guys will now be more colorful and competitive with its 5th season

Fall Guys season 5 is coming with the Jungle Adventure theme

The developer of the game, Mediatonic, announced the information about what fans can expect with the Fall Guys 5th season, which will be released for PlayStation and PC on July 20, with two videos released today. As you can see in the videos, the new season will be very colorful and competitive. Also, if you level up to level 100 in the Battle Pass, you’ll be able to unlock awesome gear for your avatars, crowns, colors, and nicknames.

Fall Guys will also have all the improvements and fixes with its 5th season. With the new season, the cross platform, which many players are waiting for, will not be added to the game yet. Mediatonic has also recently postponed the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game to an indefinite date in the future. The details and names of the 6 new track maps in which we will get lost in the Jungle Adventure are as follows:

Fall Guys season 5 Jungle adventure tracks

  • Treetop Tumble: Dangerous log swings and expanding frogs will accompany our adventure on the map, where we will pass through branching routes to finish.
  • Stompin’ Ground: How lucky will you be in a hasty escape from the three mechanical Rhinos?
  • Lost Temple: The most ambitious parkour map to date. It’s also the final run. Challenge your opponents on the ever-changing, shape-shifting path to the Crown.
  • Lily Leapers: You’ll be dizzy for a perfect landing as you jump from drum to drum and conquer every tier.
  • Bubble Trouble: A five-way arena match all about fast-firing beans and bubble popping dreams! Rush through active zones full of obstacles to win on your way to victory.
  • Pegwin Pool Party: Zoom in on the animated slides and get those pesky Pegwins. The longer you hold on, the more points you earn. We hope you have a good grip!

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