Sahte Battlefield 6 videoları dolaşmaya başladı

Fake Battlefield 6 videos started to circulate

After the Battlefield 6 leaks, some users started printing fake videos and content for the game.

Battlefield 6 Short videos with screenshots were leaked recently. For the game, he first encountered the story and gameplay details, and then these leaks were followed by some screenshots and videos. We can say that the number of players who think that these leaks are a guerrilla marketing tactic is quite high. Of course, the silence of DICE and EA Games in the face of leaks has also caused some fake content to circulate. Probably until the official announcement of the game, it seems that the event will be mixed up and we will encounter fake content as well as real leaks.

Battlefield 6 fake leaks are starting to arrive

When you look at the new leak that has emerged for Battlefield 6, you realize that it is really well set up in the first place. Frankly, when we first saw it, we thought it was real with an excitement. But when we looked carefully at the video, we came across some images that we remembered before. First of all, we need to state that the robots that we encounter in the following minutes of the video are Boston Dynamics robot images. Boston Dynamics is a well-known company operating in the robotics field.

Another point that caught our attention was the storm images. When I watched the video, I had the feeling that I had seen this storm part before. And immediately I wrote the first search that came to my mind on Youtube, “Unreal Engine Storm”. Opposite output video It was exactly the same as in the video shown as the Battlefield 6 leak. As a result, a successful fiction has emerged with technical demos and some known videos. But as we said at the beginning, such fake videos will probably continue to come. You can check out this video below.

Information has emerged that Battlefield 6 will pass 10 years from now. This means that there will be different ronots in the game, just like the Boston Dynamics ronots. So we can already say that it will include near future equipment such as military robots, advanced drones, jets, helicopters and tanks.

These leaks It also includes more close-up images of the rocket scene that we have seen from afar before. When it comes to rockets, we see that different rocket firing videos are sprinkled into the fake video. It is stated that it will be very assertive about destruction. Battlefield 6It was previously announced that will be a transition game. In other words, the game will not exceed platforms such as PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as previous generation consoles.

Fake Battlefield 6 videos started to circulate

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