EVO 2021 Sony ortaklığıyla dijital ortamda yapılacak

EVO 2021 will be held digitally in partnership with Sony

EVO 2021, the world’s largest fighting game tournament, will take place digitally this year in partnership with Sony. Let’s watch a little beating …

The fighting games tournament EVO, which was eventually canceled due to many different obstacles last year, will take place digitally this year. In partnership with Sony EVO 2021 It will meet hundreds of thousands of fans of fighting games online.

EVO 2021 will be a digital event

EVO – or if you want cool, the Evolution Championship Series – is the world’s largest fighting game tournament. Let’s also say that it belongs to Sony now. In detail, the tournament, Sony and RTS’s jointly by a new consulting and talent management initiative Purchased. Tom and Tony Cannon, co-founders of EVO, “will continue to be closely involved in their consulting role,” Sony’s statement said.

“This partnership marks a new collaboration that brings together the resources and expertise that will enable us to increase global reach, scale and fan engagement surrounding this iconic gaming tournament,” Sony said. First established in 1996, EVO is traditionally an open qualifying tournament. So if anyone is playing one of the fighting games, they can join the tournament and compete. The physical tournament, which has been held in Las Vegas since 2005, was to be held digitally due to the COVID epidemic last year. Later, an entire tournament was canceled due to sexual abuse charges against EVO CEO Joey Cuellar. Cuellar was ousted from the company, replaced by Tony Cannon. However, the tournament could not take place as the game publishers drew their support.

EVO 2021 will be held digitally in partnership with Sony

Tony ve Tom CannonReleased their own statement shortly after Sony’s acquisition announcement. “We want to reaffirm that all forms of harassment and abuse have no place in EVO or any of our future activities. We take every precaution to ensure that members of our community are treated with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times because our community deserves it.”

Sony also announced a new date for EVO 2021. The event will run as an online tournament this year from August 6-8 and August 13-15. This year’s games, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate ve Street Fighter Valongside Guilty Gear Strive, which will not be released until June 11. Even if you do not normally follow the fighting games, let us state that EVO is a tournament with a very high viewing pleasure. You can indicate your opinion in the comments section.

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