Epic Games Store bataryanızı öldürüyor olabilir

Epic Games Store might be killing your battery

According to reports, the Epic Games Store is quite harmful for your laptop’s battery. Tests show that it is shortening the battery life.

We cannot escape the fact that gaming laptops, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, have some problems to solve. As players are already struggling to tackle these issues, a new report coming today, Epic Games Store The game shows that the application is killing your computer’s battery life.

Epic Games Store can kill your laptop battery

While one of the biggest problems of people who already use laptops is battery life, they have a new problem. It seems that your computer consumes a lot more energy than you think when the Epic Games Store application is open in the background. As you know, the software, which has been on the agenda with the problem of heating, continues to shake the trust of the users.

PVCThis is observed during the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ test with the new 11th generation Tiger Lake processor in. After getting some inconsistent results in battery tests, they notice the Epic Games Store app still running hidden in the taskbar. This has a serious impact on battery life. exploring.

Epic Games Store might be killing your battery

PCWorld The article parses all testing methodologies. They perform tests in airplane mode on two systems, one with EGS on and the other off. As you can see in the image right above, when the Epic Games Store is open and closed, it is clear how much the battery life has dropped compared to Steam. Approximate battery life on Pro 7+ 20 percent and they also reported an 8 percent drop on Microsoft Surface 3 powered by Ryzen. Although it is quite normal for all open applications to consume some battery, we can say that this effect of EGS on the battery is extreme.

When the same tests are conducted with the Steam application open in the background, it is striking that the effect on battery life is quite low. Epic Games replied to this by email, “In general, we are actively working to improve the performance of our launcher and reduce power consumption.” Based on these findings of PC World, gamers using laptop gaming computers Turn off EGS unless they are using it. we can recommend.

To save your laptop’s battery, always keep an eye on system use and don’t allow programs you don’t need to run in the background. You can also share your views with us and other readers in the comments section below.

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