Epic ve Apple davası çocukların Fortnite çığlıkları ile inledi

Epic and Apple case groaned with kids Fortnite screams

The litigation between Epic and Apple groaned at the Fortnite cries of children attending the open conference.

Epic ve Apple The trial hearing between the two started with the hearing held yesterday. The event that left its mark on the case was the children attending the open conference and somehow trolling the case. Children attending the conference session delayed the initiation of the litigation process with the screams of “Free Fortnite”.

Epic ve Apple The cause of the lawsuit between the two broke out in the past and Fortnite payments brought the two companies against each other. Epic Games preferred to bypass the 30% share paid to Apple with its application, and this process resulted in the removal of Fortnite from the Apple Store. Here is the first session of the case, which was one of the biggest events on the technology and gaming side of the last year and which brought the two companies against each other, took place yesterday.

Epic and Apple case started late with Fortnite screams

Epic and Apple case groaned with kids Fortnite screams

The event that left its mark on the case took place due to the organization of an open conference session. Participants were also allowed to follow the case, as the trial’s public hotline was open to everyone. However, the incoming calls caused the case to start late and there was a 20-minute delay. Many participants attending the conference and most of whom were stated to be children caused a chaotic environment to occur. It was stated that more than 200 young players attended this open conference and shouted “Free Fornite” or “Judge, please bring Fortnite back to mobile devices.” It was stated that some of the players chatted irrelevant, and some of them listened to Travis Scott songs, who gave a concert in Fortnite, to the entire courtroom. Of course, there are players who advertise their own YouTube channel. alleged.

On the other hand, the lawsuit, which brings two important companies against each other, is expected to continue for a while. Epic Games has stated for years that they have seen Apple’s attitude towards companies as a tribute and that they find the company’s control over the Apple Store uncompetitive. The company expects developers to be able to develop games and applications without paying large amounts to systems such as Apple Store and Google Play. Apple, on the other hand, thinks that the market outage is normal and that there is a similar process in all systems.

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