EA Play Xbox Game Pass ile güçlerini birleştirdi

EA Play joins forces with Xbox Game Pass

After a long wait, EA Play is added to the Xbox Game Pass library. EA’s most popular games will be on the system on March 18.

Finally it was expected, EA Play and the company’s most popular games Xbox Game Pass adding to the library. The merger news, which has been spoken for the past year but was never possible, has now become official. Many EA games that you will enjoy playing will take their place in the Xbox Game Pass library on March 18. Of course, you will need to install a few new downloads for this.

EA Play rushes to Xbox Game Pass library

For a moment, when we were all thinking about the future of this news for a long time, the good news came! With EA Play, popular games will also take their place in the Xbox Game Pass library. The combination of this EA Play with Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft subscription service, which has recently become a favorite of gamers, is now a whole new dimension will carry.

Simply follow the steps below to play the EA Play games via Game Pass.

  • Sign in to the Xbox app
  • Select any EA Play game and try to download it
  • EA desktop application download screen will come, download it
  • Link your Xbox and EA accounts
  • Download and enjoy your new game

That’s it.

Just like the transitions you make in other cross-platform games, you need to link your two accounts to play EA Play games on Game Pass. Obviously Turkey also quite sold at an affordable price is also on the Game Pass subscription More than 60 EA games the addition of our country is a blessing for the players! Note that the EA games that come are valid for Game Pass PC, this is not the case for consoles yet.

EA Play joins forces with Xbox Game Pass

Frankly, with the addition of 20 Bethesda games recently, 12 new games we reported last night, and EA games, the Game Pass subscription service is truly a blessing for our country. Hundreds of games, including Microsoft’s popular games, are waiting to be played by players for a small fee. The subscription prices of the system do not change after the addition of EA Play. Our favorite subscription service Turkey price 29.99 TL per month It comes across as. What do you think about the Game Pass library enriched with many excellent games? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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