Analistlere göre Dualsense Analogları 417 saat sonra bozulabilir

Dualsense Analogs may deteriorate after 417 hours, according to analysts

An explanation about the Dualsense drift problem, which has started to come up frequently recently, came from technology analysts.

Playstation 5 one of the biggest advantages of the console DualSense controller. In the video we prepared earlier, we highlighted why this controller makes such a difference. Of course, the fact that it is so beautiful does not mean that it does not have problems. Indeed some resources and users Dualsense They started to report that the error we call drift in the analog structure started to occur. Technology analysts who made a statement on this issue also Dualsense He stated that its analogs will deteriorate after 500 hours.

Why is Dualsense drifting?

Before going into the details of the news, let’s talk about this error called drift (analog deviation). This drift problem, which has also occurred for the Nintendo Switch console before, is a problem that greatly affects the gameplay. This error on the analogs on the controller causes your character in the game to move by itself even if you don’t touch it. In other words, it creates an effect as if you are touching it because it is analog drift. For example, if you drift upwards, your character can go forward.

Here is the Gameranx site to your news According to the iFixit channel has published a detailed report on this subject. When we look at the video prepared by the channel DualSenseWe witness that they completely disassembled and show how its analog structure works. The analog system in the controller uses the analog structure produced by ALPS, just like other consoles. It is stated that this structure produced by ALPS has a low lifetime. According to the explanations of iFixit, Dualsense The probability that the analog controller will show the drift problem after 417 hours of use is quite high.

Of course, he underlined that some players will not have any problems in this regard, but this risk is always present after so many hours. Of course, this situation may vary depending on how much the player plays a day, how often he plays, and how he uses the analog structure.

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