DOOM Eternal, toplamda 450 milyon dolar kazandırmış

DOOM Eternal earned a total of $ 450 million

For Doom Eternal, the most successful game in the series, new information about revenues was shared from a former id Software employee. Record after record!

Bethesda in March of last year, DOOM Eternal announced that its predecessor, DOOM (2016), had doubled its launch revenue. The game, which broke a new record in the series, reached successful sales very quickly and was loved. Now it’s an old id Software According to the employee’s report, we can add the value of the game in dollars to the records.

DOOM Eternal’s revenue exceeds $ 450 million

According to former id Software revenue designer and product management leader David Saunders, the DOOM Eternal game was Over $ 450 million earned income. Saunders is currently working with Gearbox. This information was shared on the developer’s LinkedIn profile, but the profile is currently unavailable. In this sense, it should not be approached as an official announcement made by Bethesda. Yet we have a screenshot where.

DOOM Eternal earned a total of $ 450 million

What is striking here is that DOOM Eternal does not contain loot boxes, card packs or other in-game purchases like other games. Single player only Making a bombastic game and supporting it properly can produce such wonderful results. This highlights another aspect of the video games industry, another point that developers are forgetting these days.

DOOM Eternal earned a total of $ 450 million

In our review, the game, which we defined with the expressions “Doom Eternal, with its gameplay that is one-to-one to nervous and stress, follows in the footsteps of the game released in 2016 and manages to offer pure action to the game lovers” was really liked by the players. In our “Best games of 2020” content, which we selected the best games of last year, it was chosen as the best FPS game of the year by the players. Naturally, we understand that such a popular game does not need loot boxes to reach great revenues.

At the same time, the Nintendo Switch version was released at the end of last year. With “The Ancient Gods”, the expansion pack for the game, this successful single player experience was developed, and previously the game was added to the Xbox Game Pass system. The acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft seems to have been positively reflected in the sales of the DOOM series. So what do you think about the game? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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