DOOM 3 VR Edition Playstation VR için çıktı

DOOM 3 VR Edition released for Playstation VR

DOOM 3 VR Edition, which was surprisingly announced by Bethesda company in the first days of March, is out for Playstation VR.

DOOM 3 VR Edition Playstation VR was announced in the first days of March, and March 29 was given as the release date. Surprisingly announced by Bethesda, the game was released on the specified date for PS Vr. The game that was released for the PC platform in 2004, after this long period of time, this time appeared in virtual reality glasses. The game’s release trailer and Bethesda’s new statement about the game is as follows;

DOOM 3 VR Edition Playstation VR version released

DOOM 3: VR Edition is out for PlayStation VR as of today. Developed by Archiact in collaboration with id Software, DOOM 3: VR Edition transforms the action-horror shooter into a stress-rooted VR experience.

A Complete and Enhanced DOOM 3 Experience

DOOM 3: VR Edition, which includes the DOOM 3 and Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission expansions, adapts id Software’s classic shooter for PSVR technology. Uncover the truth behind UAC’s terrifying experiments with new textures, shaders, and sound effects throughout over 15 hours of breathtaking action while surviving the forces of hell. Equip iconic weapons in the arsenal and fight evil creatures in terrifying environments.

DOOM 3 VR Edition released for Playstation VR

Refreshed for VR

Get a closer look at the horror than ever before, thanks to virtual reality (VR) enhancements. With head tracking, you can look from the corners, angle your shots with your flashlight-mounted weapons, capture sneaky demons on the job with the 180-degree quick turn functionality, and track your health, armor and ammo information with the wrist-mounted view. you can.

Target Controller Support

Carry powerful demon-slaying weapons in your own hands with Target Controller support. Use the Target Controller’s accuracy to take perfect headshots, easily control corners, or blindly shoot as you take cover, and dodge attacks without taking your finger off the trigger.

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