Disintegration geliştirici stüdyosu kapanıyor

Disintegration developer studio shuts down

Disintegration developer studio V1 Interactive announced that they decided to close the studio after the game’s failure.

Disintegration After the failure of his play, new decisions seem to have been made in the studio. So much so that the game, whose multiplayer servers were closed a few months after its release, could not catch enough players. Although they focused a little more on the single player scenario mode, they could not appeal to a significant audience. This gradually brought the game to an end, and then the studio. In November last year, the studio’s co-founder Marcus Lehto said on Twitter that the game didn’t get the attention they wanted. We haven’t heard much about Disintegration after that. Today, we are here with a news that is not very surprising: V1 Interactive is closing.

Disintegration developer V1 Interactive shuts down studio

Developer Twitter’da “Thank you to all the talented developers who have made the last 5 years on V1 great,” he said. At the same time, Lehto reports that the decision was made in such a way that employees had sufficient time to look for new jobs as the current company closed.

In fact, Marcus Lehto is an important person who has made a name for himself with the Halo series. He served as the art director for the first three plays of the series. This should have enabled Take-Two to broadcast the game under the Private Division label. However, the game was not as successful as expected and unfortunately it slowly progressed towards the end.

Disintegration developer studio shuts down

In fact, Disintegration was trying to combine the genres of first person shooter and real-time strategy. It had mechanics that allowed you to command your troops, from a viewpoint like a drone camera. We included the game in a video and introduced you to the basic structure and mechanics of the game. However, the deficiencies in its structure and the fact that it could not match the number of players left the game to die in a secluded place. When V1 decided to shut down its multiplayer servers, it stated that they wanted to try different things and had a lot of work to do. They dwelled on the single player experience a little more, and at least they tried to catch the players on this side. However, that was not possible either, and today the company announced that they had decided to shut down.

Steam’de “mixed“With 146 reviews it still holds its place as a single player experience. But as you can imagine it will no longer receive development support. This is sad to say but makes it one of the dead games in the Steam store.

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