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Diablo Immortal preliminary review

After the Closed Alpha phase, we talked about Diablo Immortal with the producers of the game at the Blizzcon 2021 event and gathered new information.

Diablo Immortal Although it drew reaction when it was announced, we can say that it is one of the most curious games on Blizzard side. The reason for this is the company’s statements about the game and of course the closed Alpha process that followed. This process, which we participated as Merlin’s Cauldron, was passed by many game sites. In short, it is possible to say that Diablo Immortal is a game that slightly exceeds expectations due to low expectations.

After this process in which limited players participated, we also got new information about the game at the Blizzcon 2021 event, which was held completely online last weekend. Moreover, we had the chance to have a joint conversation with the producers of the game the day after the opening ceremony. In this interview, Caleb Arcenaux, one of the main producers of Diablo Immortal, and senior systems designer Kris Ziernut answered the questions of the gaming press sincerely. We wanted to share with you both the new information announced about the game and the notes we received in this interview.

Diablo Immortal

When does Diablo Immortal take place?

Firstly Diablo Immortal The story is about the aftermath of Diablo 2. It was previously announced that the story will act as a bridge between the 2nd and 3rd game. In this interview, we learned that the story will continue with future updates. In other words, Blizzard will add new regions and characters (classes) to the game with the updates it will make afterwards, and also aims to fill this gap in terms of story.

Of course, we will go to familiar faces and places we have encountered in previous games, as well as new places in the game. We have already learned that places such as Forgotten Tower, Countess, which we will remember from the 2nd game, or the fishing town Wortham in the 3rd game, will be included in the game both in the Alpha phase and in the previous explanations.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Apart from class differences and the dynamics we are used to, such as each class having different abilities, it will contain differences from other Diablo games with its world and general functioning. For example, there will not be a mount in this game. Instead, the production team explained that they used different methods to explore the game’s world. Of course, let’s remind you that there will be portals and teleportation points. Speaking of class, six different class announcements have been made for the game so far. Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Wizard will be the first classes to appear in the game. Probably, it seems very likely that we will encounter different class announcements before and after the game is released.

It was also stated that Diablo Immortal will be simple and focus on gameplay. In other words, loot, progress, class differences will of course be important, but we can say that the focus will be on a more simple improvement on the mobile platform. Of course, with the advantage of touch screens, we do not think there will be any difficulties in the use of the menu or the system. With the isometric camera system we are used to, it seems that we will only focus on harvesting dozens of demons that appear on the screen.

Diablo Immortal

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that the game is based on an MMO. As you progress with your teammates, you will be able to encounter other players and be a partner in their struggle. On the gameplay side, besides the main quests and dungeons, there will be some extra missions in the map system.

Diablo Immortal Another point we wonder about is the game’s payment method and earning system. We raised the same question at the Blizzcon fair we attended last year, and the production team stated that they had not reached a final decision yet. This time, we can say that some decisions taken on this issue have been announced. First of all, Diablo Immortal will be completely free, as previously explained. Blizzard wanted everyone to progress by playing this game, rather than having players pay and go through an experience. In other words, all weapons or equipment such as armor in the game can only be obtained by playing the game. This weapon or legendary equipment will not be sold. This issue was especially highlighted. On the purchasing side, it was stated that there will be some optional bonuses and systems such as Battle Pass. Detailed explanations on this subject will be shared in the future.

Diablo Immortal

So will Diablo Immortal go to other platforms?

Uncertain release date yet Diablo Immortalis first developed with mobile platforms in mind. In other words, apart from the main focus on the mobile platform and the players who are familiar with the series, the players who did not kill demons before are among the main target audience. Of course, PC and other consoles come to mind as well as portable consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. Although Blizzard focuses on smartphones in this regard, it does not neglect to leave an open door for other consoles. Although it is not official at the moment, this issue may come up again after the mobile release.

When it will go out?

Diablo Immortal There is no release date yet for. Frankly, we were very hopeful that there would be a release date in Blizzcon 2021. Considering that the general lines of the game are mostly completed in the Alpha version, I can say that we expected this. Although the team did not give a release date, he stated that there will be different beta periods in the coming months. We will probably see an open beta after the closed beta and then the full version of the game.

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