Dexter yeni sezonu için bir video yayınlandı

Dexter released a video for its new season

A short promotional video for Dexter’s new season, which will be broadcast as a mini series on Show Time channel, has been released.

Dexter Another teaser video was released, giving an idea for the region it will be going through in its new season. Dexter, one of the most popular series of a period, is preparing to appear again this year with the new season episodes. We will have a chance to see the fate of the character more closely in this new series, which will tell the story of Dexter Morgan from where it left off. It was announced that the new season of the series, which will be broadcast on the Show Time channel as before, is planned as a mini series.

Dexter new season video released

First of all, for our followers who do not watch the series or the finale of the news from now on. SPOILERSo let’s warn you that it might be upsetting.

Dexter released a video for its new season

In the Dexter final season, we witnessed the character pretending to be dead, settling in a small town and doing woodcutting, as the audience may remember. When we look at the published promotional video, we naturally use a different name in the town where he settled and make the townspeople love him. We see. It can be said that our character, whom everyone greets and asks for their health, looks at the knives he sees in a showcase, revealing his longing for his old days. You can take a look at this new video published below.

About Dexter’s new season;

If you have watched Dexter before, you know that each season of the series focuses on a different opponent. In previous statements, a character named Kurt Coldwell was shown as Dexter’s new rival in these new episodes. It was stated that this character, who will appear as one of the strongest names in the town of Iron Lake, is a former truck driver and will draw a strong image with the trucks he currently owns. It was also stated that Clancy Brown, who previously worked on many important film projects such as Shawshank Redemption and Thor Ragnarok, will bring the character of Coldwell to life. We also remember Brown with the character of Hank Anderson, which he portrayed in the Detroit Become Human game, and Mr. Crab, whose voice he gave life to in the SpongeBob series.

Show Time previously announced that Dexter’s new season, which will be released this year, will only last 10 episodes and will be a limited season. Clyde Phillips, who gave life to the first four seasons, was the executive producer of the series, in which Michael C. Hall, who brought the character to life, will assume this role again. Michael C. Hall also stated in his statement about the new season that they will make you forget the final season, which was highly criticized.

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