Geliştirici yeni Returnal güncellemesini indirecekleri uyarıyor

Developer warns they will download new Returnal update

Developer Housemarque warns players downloading the new Returnal update not to lose their progress in the current round.

Developer HousemarqueWarns players to automatically download the patch that will be released today for Returnal. In a post they published, they announced that their PlayStation 5 would turn off the automatic update feature if they do not want to lose their progress in the tour they are in.

If you don’t want to lose your returnal progress, of course …

After the release of the game, the studio will release the first patch today at 22:00 Turkish time. However, with a statement he made on his social media account before, if you do not want to lose your progress in the game you are in, PS5 recommends that you turn off the automatic update feature.

As you know, Returnal offers a gameplay that requires players to progress from a new round each time they die, as it is a rogue-like type of game. Since laps can take several hours, you will lose your progress from the current lap if you download the new update. For this PlayStation 5 You will need to disable the automatic update download feature of your device. Since the game must be closed for the update to install and there is no save system, you will lose your progress from the current round when your game is closed. In this regard, the players had previously made some suggestions to the developer.

Developer alerts players to download Returnal update

Of course, developer Housemarque heard these complaints and suggestions, but did not take any action. As the game is a rogue-like type of production, we can say that it is normal not to have any recording system in it. In the Twitter post they shared, they said the following about this subject:

“We hear about the community and love you all. Nothing to be announced yet, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as much as you can!”

Returnal was released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 platform last week. In our review, we used the expressions “An action game that combines Metroidvania and rogue-like genres and uses horror elements as spice”. If you haven’t read it yet and are curious about the details of the game, you can also access our review from the link below.

Let’s repeat the warning about the update to be released for the game tonight. If your PS5 device has automatic update download feature enabled, you can temporarily disable it to avoid losing your progress in the current tour, download and install it before starting a new tour after you die. Do not forget to state your views in the comments section.

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