Deathloop oynanış videosu fena görünmüyor

Deathloop gameplay video does not look bad

The gameplay video released for the new production Deathloop from Dishonored developer Arkane focuses more on weapons.

Coming with the signature of Arkane, the developer of the Dishonored series Deathloop The new gameplay video posted for does not look bad at all. In the video, which especially focuses on the weapons in the game, various weapons and special abilities are shown. We can easily say that Dishonored players will feel at home while watching the video. Because Deathloop is a complete Arkane game.

Deathloop gameplay video

While focusing on weapons and abilities in the published gameplay video, it is also striking that the game is similar to Dishonored. Just like in Dishonored, some of the basic abilities allow you to teleport. In the design of the episodes, there are ways to go over the tops by being secretly teleported … Yes, Deathloop was a complete Arkane game.

As you can see in the game, machete, knife type melee weapons also take their place. We can say that it is especially nice that these weapons have finishing animations. It is also possible to see special designs among ranged weapons. There are different weapons that seem appropriate to the structure and logic of the game, and all of them have different functions. We see that he carries a small machine gun in one section, a heavy machine gun in another section, and a pump in another section. In addition, it should be noted that Arkane, again giving the right to his name, offered the player the comfort of following many different paths in the episodes.

As a special skill, it is striking that teleportation is used intensely as in Dishonored. In addition, we can disrupt security cameras with a small device we have. In addition, another feature allows us to connect two enemies together and the damage we will inflict on one of them is reflected in the other. Yet another feature allows us to lift enemies and launch them into the air. It seems in the Deathloop gameplay video that Arkane tells us “choose your own style of play” as they always do. Perhaps this is the biggest advantage of Arkane games it might be.

Deathloop gameplay video does not look bad

Deathloop will be released on March 21, 2021. For the PC platform Steam is available for pre-order. Its price is 299.00 TL and the Deluxe version is 399.00 TL. System requirements are still not disclosed. Even if it is obvious, it will force the purchasing power of the Turkish player rather than the computer. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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