Söylenti: Death Stranding Extended Edition yakında duyurulacak

Death Stranding Extended Edition to be announced soon

According to information from ResetEra forums, the development process of Death Stranding Extended Edition that will come to PS4 and PS5 is over and will be announced soon.

ResetEra According to Navtra, an insider on the forums, the Extended Edition of Death Stranding, which is said to arrive on PS4 and PS5, is finished and ready to be released. Again, information from the same source indicates that we may see a new announcement very soon. Let’s say from the beginning, all this Kojima ProductionsIt will remain a rumor until an official announcement is received from.

Death Stranding Extended Edition announcement may come soon

In fact, many people expected the game to be announced during the State of Play event recently. However not Death Stranding Extended EditionNone of the expected news of any major game came. Nevertheless, after the presentation, Navtra said: had given:

“Who knows? Nevertheless, the game has been finished and ready for a while. To be honest, I was waiting for it to be announced today. Likewise for LiS: True Colors, I would have expected it. Maybe we could give it another month.”

Rumor: Death Stranding Extended Edition to be announced soon

Navtra has a good track record when it comes to PlayStation-related leaks. So we hope this leak is correct. It has also been recently suggested that Death Stranding will sooner or later move towards Xbox platforms. However, no official announcement has been made by Kojima Productions for now.

Latest developments about Death Stranding Cyberpunk 2077It was with the release of the game that it received an update specifically for the game. You can read the details of the latest update here, which allows you to dress up Sam Porter Bridges and new gameplay mechanics such as hacking from Cyberpunk’s famous character Johnny Silverhand’s pilot goggles and many accessories.

We also reported that a book was written for Death Stranding if you missed it. This work, which will be produced by one of the authors of the play, puts the popular game into a novelization process. It is worth noting that the production, which has already managed to leave different marks on the actors with its winding story, is suitable for this process.

If you still haven’t played and are wondering how the game is, you can reach our review by clicking here. “Death Stranding, which looks at phenomena such as death from a different window, offers you one of the most different adventures you will play”. The game, which we defined with the expressions, got 80 points from us. So what do you think about the game? Do not forget to state your views in the comments section.

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