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Dead Space Remake announced

Dead Space Remake was announced with a very stylish trailer at the EA Play Live event. The game will be developed by EA Motive.

Legendary series whose last game was released on February 5, 2013 Dead Space coming back! In the last part of the long-awaited EA Play Live event, Dead Space Remake was announced with a very delicious trailer. While showing images from the game engine in the trailer, it was emphasized that the game is still under development. Dead Space Remake, which will come only for the next generation consoles and PC side, is being developed by EA Motive studio.

Dead Space Remake announced

The rumors of the new Dead Space game, which we have come across quite frequently in the past months, have finally yielded results. Although no date has been given yet for Dead Space Remake, the remake of the first game of the series, which was released on October 14, 2008, we have some details. The game, which is being developed by EA Motive, has Dead Space fans in the team. Also, the trailer shows the tension and atmosphere of Dead Space. When rumors of a new Dead Space spread, players feared that the game’s tense mood would disappear and be replaced by more action. Contrary to fear, the game seems to be returning with much more tension.

Dead Space Remake announced

Although rumors of the new Dead Space have been circulating on the internet for a long time, there were options for a collective remaster, a new game or a remake. It seems that such predictions are no longer needed at the EA Play Live event, which we have been waiting for a long time. The remake of Dead Space returns like a bombshell. Dead Space Remake Although there is no official release date for the game, we know that the game will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The Dead Space remake, which will only be released for next-gen consoles and PC, is being developed with the Frostbite Engine. In addition, the EA team states that with this production, while aiming to offer much more advanced characters and stories, they will go forward on the gameplay side.

Although EA received a lot of reaction from the players after announcing that the new Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Skate 4, which are indispensable games, will not be shown at the EA Play Live event, it seems to have taken the hearts of the players back with today’s event. You can check out the Dead Space Remake trailer announced for the new generation consoles and PC side below.

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