Days Gone PC sürümü duyuruldu

Days Gone PC version announced

SIE CEO Jim Ryan announced Days Gone PC version with his statement and announced that it will be released soon.

One of the most important games of Playstation 4 in recent years Days GoneSounds for the PC. The game, whose PC version was listed many times before, was denied by Sony. However, following rumors, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan confirmed the PC version of the game and gave information about the release period.

Days Gone is coming to the PC platform

As you know, we have recently come across statements that some games specific to the Playstation brand will be released for PC. As a matter of fact, Horizon: Zero Dawn game, which is signed by Guerrilla Games, was released for PC and got a passing grade from many players with its features such as wide screen. Apparently, the PC sticker of the Playstation team Days Gone Looks like it will continue with.

An interview with GQ magazine doing Jim Ryan also made an expected announcement for PC gamers, except for the new Playstation virtual reality glasses (PS VR2) and Gran Turismo 7 delay, which we have detailed in our previous news. According to his statement, it was released for Playstation 4 in 2019 and received the update for this console with the PS5. Days Goneis finally coming to the PC platform.

With the release of the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Jim Ryan stated that they were actually testing the heart rate, and signaled that other PS games will come to the PC platform in the future. We can say that the new example on this subject will be Days Gone, which will be released in the spring.

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