Hapishaneden kaçan suçlu, Call of Duty alırken yakalandı

Criminal who escaped from prison caught taking Call of Duty

A person who escaped from prison in England went out to buy Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War from the local play store and was caught by the police on the spot.

Crime machine that escaped from prison last year, when there was curfew in England Call of Duty went to get it. Yes, it might sound interesting, but that’s exactly the case. The person, who was stopped by the police in Birmingham, tried to escape when asked why he was outside during the epidemic. I do not know if it is called misfortune or finding what happened, but he was caught by the police and the truth was revealed. output.

Man escaped from prison caught on his way to get Call of Duty under curfew

Clint Butlerfor certain crimes, including robbery and firearm crimes. 17 years imprisonment he was struck. The man who escaped from prison last year and has been sought since was caught on his way to purchase Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. At a time when curfews were imposed in England, and the fact that he escaped from prison, it is very interesting to be on the street.

When the cops stopped him and a friend and asked why he was out. “I came to buy the new Call of Duty game Because I can’t stay at home during the closure. ”Later, as the police announced that they had seen Butler and his friend and that they were trying to get away from them, Butler kicked the officer. Meanwhile, the person who slipped to the ground while trying to escape was arrested by other police officers. They gave me a hand on the spot, as you can see in the video above, shared by the West Midlands Police.

Of course, this resulted in the person returning directly to the prison. 13 months for escaping his total sentence and of attacking a police officer 6 more months have been added. According to Birmingham Police Chief Inspector Nick Rower, “It will remain a mystery for some more time that he and a friend made the stupid decision to come to town to buy a video game and risk going back to prison.”

Criminal who escaped from prison caught taking Call of Duty

I guess Clint Butler didn’t learn how to download games digitally. There is no other explanation for his landing in the city as a crime machine and risking going back to prison. Of course, I am most curious about your comments. Why do you think he did such a thing? Do not forget to include your views in the comments section – please write in the appropriate language so we can confirm it.

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