Yeni Dragon Age oyunu için konsept çizim yayınlandı

Concept art released for the new Dragon Age game

The creative director of the game shared another concept drawing for the new Dragon Age game from his social media account.

New Dragon Age game We can say that the excited wait started a while ago. We came across more information this year for the new Dragon Age game, which first appeared with technical demos at last year’s EA Play event. A short teaser video of this game, which will probably be called Dragon Age 4, was first released. After that, we started to get some concept drawings about the construction phase. Here came a new concept drawing for the game.

Visuals keep coming for the new Dragon Age game

Christian Dailey, one of the names of the producers of the game, draws another concept through his social media account. shared. When we look at this image, we see that there is a character design with the possible logo of the game on the left. In this design, which is similar to the Hunter class, the weapon that is in the hand of the character and also similar to the wizard’s stick draws attention. Also in the background, we see that the character takes place in a big city. The new game is expected to include open world dynamics as well as large residential areas. Dailey also tagged Matthew Goldman, the creative director of the game, in this visual, which was released exclusively for the weekend.

Concept art for the new Dragon Age game released

In this new game of the Dragon Age series, we will face the Darkspawn threat that we have seen in previous productions. The game, which is stated to be a new beginning to the series, will have a very different structure both in terms of graphics and theme compared to other games of the Dragon Age series. Although the official release date is not given, we are waiting with great curiosity for the first gameplay video of the game, which is expected to decorate the shelves in 2022.

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