Civilization VI New Frontier Pass: Portekiz Paketi çıktı

Civilization VI New Frontier Pass: Portugal Pack released

With the statement made by Fraxis company, Civilization VI announced the release of the New Frontier Pass: Portugal Package update.

Fraxis Games announced the release date of the new expansion pack for Civilization VI, which continues to be updated with a statement. The official details regarding the subject are as follows;

Civilization VI New Frontier Pass: Portugal Pack features

The package includes the Portuguese civilization with João III, the unique unit of Nau and two unique buildings.

Civ Unique Ability: Portugal’s unique ability “Casa Da Índia” significantly increases the efficiency of the International Trade Routes, but limits these routes to cities on the coast or with ports. This ability also gives Merchant units additional range and the ability to land on water tiles as soon as they are unlocked.

Leader Unique Ability: Joo’s unique ability is “Porta Do Cerco”, which gives more Vision to all units. Also, when Portugal encounters a new city, it increases its Trade Route capacity and provides Open Borders to all city-states.

Unique Unit: Portugal’s unique unit, Nau, is a naval unit that replaces Caravel. It starts with one free Promotion, requires less maintenance than Caravel, and costs two to build Feitorias, Portugal-specific private shipping ports. is subject to.

Unique Infrastructure: Portugal has access to two unique structures. The Navigation School, Portugal’s unique building, replaces the University building and raises Production towards the naval units in each city that built it. It also increases a city’s Science yield and provides additional Great Admiral points for both shore or lake tiles within the city limits. The Feitoria can only be built by a Nau unit on the seaside tile of a foreign city, next to a luxury or bonus resource. Sending a Trade Route to a city with Feitoria provides additional Gold and Crafting to Portugal.

Civilization VI New Frontier Pass: Portugal Pack released

New “Zombies Defense” Game Mode

Portugal Pack also introduces the new game mode Zombies Defense. In this optional game mode, the dead don’t stay dead for long and pose an ever-growing threat to world civilizations.

The Dead Don’t Rest: Each unit has a chance to respawn as a greedy Zombie upon death. Zombie units starve and attack the closest non-Zombie unit; any unit they kill succumb to the infection and respawn themselves as Zombies.

The Living Fight Back: An arsenal of new trap and barricade enhancements damages enemy units passing through or near them and can be built in a owned or neutral zone. The zombies’ obsession with brain feasts and digestive destruction means they can only be victims of these improvements and never loot them.

Humanity Takes Control: Two new projects put civilizations under player control by allowing civilizations to temporarily subjugate Zombie units within the boundaries of a city. The “Holy Site: Turn Undead” project opens early, but only briefly controls the Zombies. The “Campus: Dark Signal” project opens later in the game, but provides additional turns to command the mindless chaos of Zombies. Meanwhile, the “Zombie Outbreak” spy operation tries to create Zombies on processed stones in another player’s city.

New map and new World Wonders:

The Portugal Pack also includes a new map and two new Wonders of the World:

Wetlands Map Script: Drive your way to victory on a wet map dominated by swamps. This map offers new strategic challenges and defense possibilities: careful positioning while Marshes punishes the Movement can allow ranged units to take advantage of the enemies’ low speed.

Torre de Belém World Wonder: This imposing tower historically served as the ceremonial gate to Lisbon in Portugal. Grants additional Gold and Great Admiral Points. International Trade Routes starting from this city receive additional Gold for each Luxury Resource at the destination. Once built, any city belonging to civilization but located on other continents gets the cheapest building they could build at the time.

Etemenanki World Wonder: The name of this Babylonian ziggurat means “the temple of the foundation of heaven and earth.” Grants additional Science yield at every turn and bonus Science and Crafting to all Flood Beds in the city that built it and Marsh tiles in that civilization.

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