Chris Metzen leaving Blizzard announces new game project

Chris Matzen, who is involved in many Blizzard games such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Heartstone, announced his new game project.

Chris Metzen, one of the most important names in the game industry, made the first statements about his new game project. In 2016, Metzen, who announced that he left Blizzard, where he had been actively involved for 20 years, is making a comeback after four years. Moreover, Metzen, which creates a brand new world, is preparing to meet the game lovers with a brand new game tabletop game.

Chriz Metzen announces new game project

Chris Metzen is actually not alone in this project. It has created a new team. Moreover, this team included many of his friends who had previously worked at Blizzard. Ryan Collins and Mike Gilmartin, who was previously involved in World of Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft projects, are among these names. It was announced that the two came together again in October last year and it was stated that they established a studio called Warchief Gaming. Here is the first fruit of this studio to appear before us with its first details. started.

Chris Metzen announced that his new game project will take place in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It is also among the information that a completely new world has been created for this new project, which will contain breezes from this world. This shows that the project has been considered for a very long time, at least with series or different productions.

Providing information about this new world created on the basis of D&D, Metzen emphasized how important it is for the new world of commerce, saying “We can think of Lawbrand as a confederation of commercial cities. There are eight or nine of these commercial cities. Almost like an industrial revolution.” continued as;

Chris Metzen leaving Blizzard announces new game project

“All races actually live in these big cities. The Ogre neighborhood is down there, dwarfs, people all live here. They all work in the same factories, children go to the same schools. In this new social order, there is also a church that controls everything and creates order. Auroboros itself is the first. It’s like the power of creation. The more you use it, the more you get caught up in this power (in reference to the snake that devour itself).

Worldbook: Lawbrand, which is the first step about this world newly created by Chriz Metzen, is supported by Kickstarter on April 20. will collect. We can also say that if it is successful, it will probably open up the next steps of this project. Although it is not officially stated yet, it seems very likely that they will come up with tabletop games, books and possibly games about this world created.

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