Devotion oyununu Çin baskısı yıldıramadı

Chinese edition failed to deter Devotion game

Although Devotion was removed from all digital stores because it contained a controversial portrayal of the Chinese president, these did not deter the developer.

After a long period of uncertainty, developer Red Candletook a big step forward for their games Devotion. The production, which was criticized by Chinese players, was first removed from Steam and then from GOG. With the complex and long story behind it, today the developer decided to sell the game on its digital showcase. Red Candle, DRM-Free sells the game at a very affordable price globally.

Devotion is finally on sale

The psychological horror game, which bears the Asian breezes on it, is not a relic that redefines the genre. However, if you are good with Asian-themed horror games, I can say you will love it. Find the basic logic key, walk into the zone that triggers something that scares you, fear, a little more fear. What makes this game interesting is the story we can say.

Horror game from Taiwanese developers in February 2019, President of China Xi Jinping It was removed from Steam for a controversial depiction. This happened after a few days in the Steam digital storefront. So we could not see it on sale for a very long time. Later, a limited number of physical versions appeared that were not available outside of Taiwan. Last year, GOG published this, but as a result of the messages it received from the players, they also removed it from the showcase.

Today is the good news, Devotion is now the Red Candle Games studio Web page available digitally on it. The game, which is finally released for both Windows and MAC, can be purchased from digital platforms. If you only want to buy a copy of the game, you pay $ 17. However, if you buy Devotion and game music along with the developer’s previous game, you may have to pay a total of $ 33. Speaking of the developer’s previous game, we heard that a new series was filmed for Detention late last year.

Chinese edition failed to deter Devotion game

Published by Red Candle Games before Devotion, Detention is about Taiwanese mythology, religion, and the times of martial law. Red Candle Games, which gamified the 40-year martial law period they call White Terror, is now being instrumental in bigger business. The story of the game is Netflix adaptation It will appear as. You can click here to reach our related news. So what do you think about these digital window adventures of Devotion? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section.

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