Şampiyonluk Ligi Kış Mevsimi 8. hafta sonuçları

Championship League Winter Season 8th week results

In the Championship League, the excitement of League of Legends continues with the Winter Season. Here are the results of the 8th week!

League of Legends The excitement continues from where it left off with the Winter Season. The 8th week matches of the Championship League 2021 Winter Season, in which 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor, 5 Ronin, Beşiktaş, Dark Passage, fastPay Wildcats, Galakticos, Galatasaray Espor, NASR eSports, Papara SuperMassive and Team AURORA teams competed, were completed.

8th week 1st day matches

NASR eSports (1-0) Team AURORA

Dark Passage (1-0) 5 Ronin

Galakticos (1-0) 1907 Fenerbahce Espor

Galatasaray Espor (1-0) Besiktas

Papara SuperMassive (0-1) fastPay Wildcats

8th week 2nd day matches

5 Ronin (0-1) NASR eSports

Team AURORA (0-1) fastPay Wildcats

1907 Fenerbahce Espor (0-1) Papara SuperMassive

Dark Passage (0-1) Galatasaray Espor

Besiktas (1-0) Galakticos

Championship League Winter Season 8th week results

League stage in VFŞL will end in week 9

After the 8th week matches, fastPay Wildcats, Papara SuperMassive, Galatasaray Espor and Nasr Esports secured participation in the season finals. The last two participants of the finals will be announced after the 9th week matches. With the 9th week matches to be played on 20-21 March, the league stage will end in VFŞL. The top 6 teams will advance to the season finals. Quarter-final, semi-final and final will end the season after their encounter and champion team will represent Turkey in International Private Tournament. The matches will be broadcast live on lolespor.com.

The fixture of the 9th week of the Championship League 2021 Winter Season is as follows:

20 March Saturday

14:00 | fastPay Wildcats – 5 Ronin

15:00 | 1907 Fenerbahce Espor – Besiktas

16:00 | Papara SuperMassive – Team AURORA

17:00 | NASR eSports – Galatasaray Espor

18:00 | Galakticos – Dark Passage

21 March Sunday

14:00 | 5 Ronin – Team AURORA

15:00 | Dark Passage – 1907 Fenerbahce Espor

16:00 | Galatasaray Espor – fastPay Wildcats

17:00 | Beşiktaş – Papara SuperMassive

18:00 | NASR eSports – Galactic

9th week matches of the Championship League 2021 Winter Season 20 March Saturday day on hour 14:00will start with the match between fastPay Wildcats and 5 Ronin in All of the matches are made by LoLespor YouTube and Twitch In addition to the channels LoL Sports It can also be watched live at.

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