Cevat Yerli, yeni bir proje açıklayacak

Cevat Yerli will announce a new project

Cevat Yerli announced on Twitter that they will announce a new project. We all held our breath, waiting to see what the project will be.

Cevat Yerli, the founding CEO of Crytek GmbH, transferred the company to his two other partners, Faruk and Avni Yerli, and withdrew in the game market in 2018. In terms of technology, Crytek, which first broke new ground in game technologies with CryEngine, presented us with the first realistic details in 2016 with VR technology.

Cevat Yerli will announce a new project

Crytek GmbH has kept one of the most important games on the market updated by reaching the full version of Hunt Showdown, and at the end of last year, one of the most valuable productions of the series, the first game of the Crysis series, winked on the market as Crysis Remastered.

Cevat Yerli, the former CEO of Crytek, broke his silence!

A Tweet he posted years later Indicating that he is preparing to present a project that is a game changer, Yerli stated that he hopes that the world is ready for this project.

Cevat Yerli will announce a new project.  Could it be Crysis 4?

Yerli, who has also updated his Twitter account, has presented a short biography stating that he is now the CEO of the company called ROOM. We do not know what kind of project ROOM is currently working on in the technological field, but as in the Crysis 3 line, we will meet this together in the near future.

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