Call of Duty Zombies modu ayrı bir oyun olarak çıkabilir

Call of Duty Zombies mode is available as a separate game

According to the rumors put forward by Tom Henderson, Call of Duty Zombies may come out as a separate side game from other games in the series.

Tom Henderson, known for sharing insider information, is against us today with a new claim. According to the new rumor that will make many CoD fans laugh Call of Duty Zombies It may appear as a separate game. This opens up promising new possibilities for the future of the beloved game mode.

Rumor: Call of Duty Zombies may be released as a separate game

First of all, let us state that no official announcement has been made on the issue, all of them are rumors for now. According to the information shared by Tom Henderson, who also made such claims for Battlefield VI outside of CoD, Call of Duty Zombies will be released as a separate game standing on its own feet. You can see Tom Henderson’s tweet on the subject below. The Tweet in question came in response to a question about whether zombies will continue to be on Warzone. Henderson said that zombies will no longer be found in Warzone, but players should be comfortable because the mod will come out as a separate game. told.

Many Call of Duty fans clearly love the zombie concept. The “Zombies” mode, which has been added as a game mode to many games of the series, is a favorite of players who want to get a different experience by moving away from realism. With this new claim, there are many different possibilities for the popular game mode. Players who prefer a more realistic approach to the series will have the opportunity to ignore the game that will be released separately. However, if Call of Duty Zombies comes out as a separate game, it will be a great option for players who love the mode.

Call of Duty Zombies may appear as a separate game

The appearance of the popular game mode as a separate game will also allow the zombie concept to be expanded. So much so that the possibility of diversifying and enriching it with new content will bring both a nice CoD and an exciting zombie mode experience. Such a situation will give Activision and the development team more room to enrich the game mode. While there are many questions about which studio will develop the game, they are all just assumptions until something official is announced. However, we hope that more concrete news on this issue will emerge in the future. Because most Call of Duty players will want to see such a development.

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