Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard serinin yeni oyunu olabilir

Call of Duty WWII Vanguard could be 2021’s CoD game

It is said that the game that will be released this year for Activision’s popular series will come under the name Call of Duty WWII Vanguard. Details are in our news!

Call of Duty WWII Vanguard There are rumors that it will be the new game of the series to be released in 2021. War games that take place in the distant future on both the CoD and Battlefield front were not very popular. As such, with BF1 and CoD WWII, while players were longing for the genre they were looking for, EA and Activision also learned their lessons from this subject. For this reason, the possibility of a return to the Second World War theme is quite strong.

Call of Duty WWII Vanguard may be coming

Net names have already begun to come from some sources for the new game of the series called Call of Duty 2021. ModernWarzoneA source speaking to, Sledgehammer Games claims that the game to come is still in development. Of course, let’s point out that we should treat this information as rumors, not information from Activision or Sledgehammer. However, the title that is said to have emerged may have clues about the nature of the game.

Whether or not the word for “Pioneer” is called Call of Duty WWII Vanguard, the fact that we are back in World War II remains unchanged. Considering that Sledgehammer Games was the team at the head of CoD WWII in 2017, we cannot say that there are many obstacles for the new game of the series. Moreover, another leak suggested that this year’s game will take place in World War II, and ModernWarzone also suggests that some of the cutscenes of the game come from the 1950s right after the war took place. had reported.

Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard may be the new game in the series

Of course, even if these rumors are true, it does not mean that we will see the game in the near future. Activision, the game that will be released in the FPS series this year – maybe Call of Duty WWII Vanguard– almost confirmed that it will come towards the end of 2021. However, since this verification, the information we have about the new game is very limited. Again, it looks like they will turn the announcement of the game into a puzzle, as they did last year.

Last year, to announce the game, they sent boxes to publishers saying “Do not open until now”. Later, an antique projector and some images emerged from these boxes. At the end of the adventure that turned into a puzzle, the players managed to reach the name of Black Ops Cold War. To read the whole story, you can click here to go to our related article. So how do you think the series will return to World War II? You can share your opinions about Call of Duty WWII Vanguard in the comments section.

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