Francala ekmeği ile Call of Duty Warzone oynadı

Call of Duty Warzone played with French bread

A Call of Duty Warzone player turned a French bread named Francala into a controller. Warzone has never looked so delicious.

We’re here with a YouTuber trying to turn almost anything into a game controller. Sometimes it can be a pomegranate, pan, dummy leg and sometimes a bread. In the video you will watch today, a YouTuber named Rudeism user turns a kind of French bread called “Francala” into a game controller. Yes, it plays Call of Duty Warzone with bread.

YouTuber playing Warzone with Bread

Rudeism A YouTuber known for turning almost anything into a game controller. In the video below, you should see how he turns a bread into a game controller and uses it. This method can actually be used to gain advantage in many different situations. He designed it in such a way that he keeps the bread in the air like a rifle, and provides the controls of the gun by moving it. The buttons he placed on it are placed to control his character. To find a weapon at the beginning of the game, he leaps onto a roof while under attack and finds the weapon he’s looking for. The aftermath is very interesting …

Call of Duty Warzone played with French bread

After this difficult start, Rudeism manages to find a gun and “kills with bread” the player who shoots at him from below. Even if I can think of a lot of bad jokes, I will not do it, but you already guessed it. What’s surprising here is that he’s aimed so well with the bread. As someone who plays FPS games with keyboard & mouse, I looked at the screen in amazement and watched it over and over to solve its mystery. I guess the secret is that the bread is French bread made from low yield flour … And to celebrate its victory. taking a bite of the game controller.

I built a baguette into a motion controller to play Warzone from r/CODWarzone

Reddit In the remainder of his post, Rudeism explains how he developed this controller. He placed a few buttons on the bread and used a gyroscope to aim with the bread. All these Arduino He explains that he combined with and created his controller. Rudeism says “it works.” But he says he needs electricity to play for a long time. He also states that it holds up pretty well after 8 hours of play, though.

The day does not pass so that the players do not make our day better by doing something extraordinary. Here, Rudeism channel, which plays Call of Duty Warzone with bread, does it regularly. If you want to watch him play games with objects such as pomegranates, pans, mannequin legs YouTube channel you can visit.

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