Bloodborne PS5 sürümü listelemesi bir hataymış

Bloodborne PS5 release listing was an error

The listing of the PS5 version for FromSoftware’s beloved game Bloodborne was due to an error according to the mod developer. Let’s not hope …

Several users recently, Bloodborne PS5 version He said he was listed in their library. As a result, fans of the game focused on FromSoftware for the new generation version, but the explanation was not very happy. Over the weekend, a user on Twitter stated that Sony’s next-generation console has a PS5 version of the game. Below you can see a PlayStation 5 version of Bloodborne listed on the user’s console.

Don’t be hoping for the Bloodborne PS5 version for now

FromSoftware expert mods developer (the person who made the 60FPS mod) Lance McDonald said on Twitter that he had noticed this earlier on his PS5. told. Still, he added, “I don’t care, please let me get some hope.” In fact, the long-awaited version of Bloodborne PS5, which is spoken amongst players, was also listed by a French retailer. This incident also happened in September 2020. No official announcement has been made yet for the game, which was previously said to be a place for the PC and PS5. However, if we look at the leaks that have arrived recently, we can say that there is a slightly higher probability for the PC version.

Bloodborne PS5 release listing was an error

The Bloodborne PS5 version, which was listed in September, was removed shortly after the list was noticed, and users who pre-ordered didn’t get anything in return. Actually what McDonalds did to Bloodborne 60FPS mode reveals some things. The fact that the mod he developed attracted such great attention shows how excited the fans are for a version of the game to be released on the next generation console. Lance McDonald released the mod for all PS4 users earlier this year, allowing FromSoftware’s game to run at a constant 60 FPS for the first time. Users hope FromSoftware will see this effort and make it official with a next-gen version, taking note of it. Of course, it is very difficult to say anything definite about this, after Masaaki Yamagiwa, one of the producers, left Sony.

In addition, the latest news about PlayStation exclusive games is very pleasing for PC users. According to the leaks God of War, Bloodborne, Uncharted Trilogy and Ghost of Tsushima will arrive on the PC platform. If we look at Sony’s comments and Days Gone’s PC port, the odds do not seem weak at all. So what do you guys think about the Bloodborne PS5 version? Do not forget to share your views with us and other readers in the comments section.

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