Battlefield 1 Amazon Prime abonelerine ücretsiz oldu

Battlefield 1 is free to Amazon Prime subscribers

As a result of the special agreement with EA Games, Battlefield 1 will be free to Amazon Prime subscribers from today until August 4th.

Battlefield 1 Amazon Prime Gaming to its subscribers for about two weeks for free will be distributed. Let’s also mention that if you buy the game for free during this period, it will of course be added to your account permanently. Amazon prime Gaming, which has also distributed the Battlefield 4 game for free in the past months, will then give Battlefield 5, another game in the series, to its subscribers for free.

Battlefield 1 is free on Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime members get free access to member-exclusive game content every month with Prime Gaming. Within the scope of Prime Gaming, in addition to these free games that members can have indefinitely, they also offer privileges such as character upgrades, outfits and skins that they can use in popular games, and a 30-day free subscription to a broadcaster’s channel on Twitch.

Battlefield 1 is free to Amazon Prime subscribers

Last month, Battlefield 1 was the guest of the system, which offered 11 games for free with Battlefield 4 last month. The game, which we went to the World War I period, will be available for free until August 4th. You also need to activate the codes you received from your origin account until 20 August. As of August 5, Battlefield 5 will be given to players for free.

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