Deathloop oyununun temel yapısı ve hikayesi açıklandı

Basic structure and story of Deathloop game explained

A new detailed video explaining the structure and operation of the game has been released for Deathloop developed by Arkane Studios.

Developed by Arkane Studios, developer of the Dishonored series Deathloop came a new video explaining all the details and the structure of the game. In the video that explains the basic mechanics and purpose of the game, we see the inspirations of Hades, the independent production that made its name a lot last year. Come together to the structure and mechanics of the game that looks very interesting. let’s see.

Highly detailed explanation video for Deathloop developed by Arkane Studios

Making a name for itself last year HadesYou have heard of. He has been nominated in many fields at the Games of the Year awards and has also managed to get some awards. The outstanding feature was that he constantly repeats himself and never tired the player during this repetition. It seems that the success of this indie production inspired Arkane Studios and opened up new opportunities for Deathloop. As mentioned in the published video, Arkane’s new game has a very similar structure to Hades.

Deathloop, as the name suggests in continuous loop a game we will find. We will try to kill eight enemies on the same day, and in doing so we will have to race against time. After a certain time, the day will start again, but our character’s weapons and abilities will not be lost. This shows that finishing the game will have to make our work easier – just like in Hades – after playing the game many times and catching the appropriate combinations in our character. In this race against time, we will use first-person shooter mechanics, especially from the Dishonored series, where they are highly experienced and successful. As shown in the video, we will try to go further in less time by using our special abilities.

Among the eight main enemies we will kill, there is a wide range of colors such as scientists, artists, cold blooded killers. To themselves “Visionaries“We will hunt these people who are nicknamed them one by one, and even if we cannot train until the end of the day, we will use the experience, weapons and abilities we have gained from the tours we completed from the beginning. These eight enemies will appear in four different regions of the map and we will encounter them in four different time periods. And this will be a sweet obstacle in our race against time. In our missions as assassins, we will encounter other familiar faces and kill us “more than once” as the developer calls us. The aforementioned character, the female character with permed hair, Juliana, who also appears in the visuals of the game, and he is called the most powerful visionary.

Basic structure and story of Deathloop game explained

For our assassin character supernatural special abilities By opening, we will be able to modify our weapons in many different ways, create our own “build” and use it in the tours we will enter. That’s all the details conveyed from our adventure as an assassin stuck in the time loop. You can watch the full video from above. Don’t forget to share your views on Deathloop in the comments. You can click here for the release date of the pre-ordered game.

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