Among Us, Epic Store

Among Us, free on the Epic Store

In the Epic Games Store, which has been a favorite of players for a long time, Among Us is free, where you can play with 4-10 players online or over local WiFi.

Becoming a favorite of the players for a long time Epic Games StoreThe free game of the week has been announced. Epic, which entered the mysterious game series with NBA 2K21 last week, continues this week with the highly popular Among Us. Online multiplayer simulation game developed and published by Innersloth Among UsIt will be distributed free of charge in the Epic Store from May 27 to June 3. 3 June Thursday with Turkish time on the day 17:59If you get the game for free, which you can download up to, it will be added to your library permanently. It should also be noted that the mysterious game that will be given next week has not been announced yet.

Among Us, free on the Epic Store

Mysterious game of the week revealed in Epic Store

You’ll find crooks trying to kill everyone on its crew in Among Us, where you’ll prepare the spaceship for takeoff by playing with 4-10 players online or on local WiFi.

Among Us

While playing as a crew in the game, you must complete all missions on the ship. But in doing so, you must make the right choices and initiate emergency meetings to decide who the impostor is. While playing as a dishonest, you have to kill the entire crew to win. You can reflect your style by choosing your favorite color, outfit and hat in the game, and you can play with your friends between PC, Android and iOS platforms.

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