Amazon, James Bond stüdyosu MGM

Amazon buys James Bond studio MGM

According to the statement, Amazon bought the MGM studio, which includes many brands, including James Bond, for $ 8.45 billion.

A very important news came for Amazon, which also focused on the game and service side in addition to its breakthroughs on the retail side, and it was announced that the company bought the MGM studio, which also owned the James Bond brand, for $ 8.45 billion. Immediately after the rumors about the purchase verification has arrived.

Amazon buys MGM studio

“Amazon will help preserve MGM’s legacy and film catalog, and give customers greater access to these existing work. Through this acquisition, Amazon has the power to keep MGM doing what they do best at great storytelling. will give”

When we look at the MGM catalog, we see that it hosts many brands that are closely related to players. As we mentioned at the beginning, apart from James Bond, the film rights of important brands such as Tomb Raider, Robocop, Rocky, Silence of the Lambs and Pink Panther are in MGM studios. Apart from these brands, there are rights to more than 4,000 films in the company’s catalog.

Amazon buys James Bond studio MGM

When we look at the television side, we encounter very strong series. It is stated that MGM studios, which hold the rights of series such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Vikings and Fargo, host more than 17,000 brands on the TV series side.

Mike Hopkins, president of Amazon Studios, stated the following in his statement; “The real financial value behind this deal is the deep-catalog IP treasure we plan to redesign and develop with MGM’s talented team. This opens up many opportunities for very exciting and high-quality storytelling.”

Considering the brands in the hands of the company, we may encounter important announcements, especially on the Amazon prime Video side. Of course, we will have to wait a little longer for this. Probably one of the first guests of Amazon Prime could be the new James Bond movie.

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