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Amazfit Band 5 review (Gift)

We look at the general features of the smart bracelet in the Amazfit Band 5 review content, which is also sold in Bim stores this week.

This week, Bim stores started to be sold at a more affordable price. Amazfit Band 5 review In our content, we take a close look at the features and usage details of the smart bracelet. Amazfit Band 5 is a smart bracelet that stands out with its features. The Amazfit Band 5 model, which is one of the products of the Chinese oak Huami company, of which Xiaomi is a partner, is quite similar to the Mi Band 5 bracelet in terms of both design and features.

Amazfit Band 5 review

Amazfit Band 5 review Before moving on to the video, let us state that we will present this smart bracelet to one of our followers who watched us. What you have to do is very simple and the details are included in the video. Amazfit Band 5, which has a price tag of 329 TL, will be sold in Bim stores with a price tag of 279 TL as of March 25.

This bracelet, which has a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels, comes with a 1.1 inch Amoled display. The wristband, which provides 15 days of use with its 125 mAh battery, also offers up to 25 days of use if you switch it to power saving mode. Thanks to the application store, you can install nearly 50 interfaces, and you can create a custom interface by throwing the picture you want on the wristband.

Amafit Band 5 features

Amazfit Band 5 takes the wearable bracelet category to a new level with a personal health management system based on scientific data. Some of the Amazfit Band 5 has Features as follows:

Hassas BioTracker 2

Although the Amazfit Band 5 is not a medical device, it is equipped with the new generation PPG optical sensor BioTracker ™. BioTracker, the richest and most sensitive biosensor ever developed by Zepp, helps you monitor and balance your heart health with functions such as resting heart rate, heart rate zones and high heart rate alert.

Enhanced OxygenBeats

Advanced OxygenBeats takes it to monitor blood oxygen saturation with the help of Zepp’s own artificial intelligence engine. OxygenBeats ™ has an error rate of only 1.67% compared to the results of professional oxygen meters. This corresponds to an accuracy superior to most wearable wrist devices in blood oxygen detection.

Amazfit Band 5 review (Gift)

PAI Skoru

The Scientifically Grounded PAI ™ Score brings to your wrist the Personal Effectiveness Intelligence Assessment system based on PaiHealth research in Norway. This system uses simple activity tracking metrics to display your daily heart rate data and how much activity you need to stay healthy, in the form of a personal PAI score. Scientific studies show that having your PAI score above 100 adds 5 years to your life and reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases by an average of 25%.

Sleep and nap tracking

Sleep Quality Monitor can measure your total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement phase (REM) to understand your sleep patterns. Amazfit Band 5 tracks your sleep patterns even during daytime naps exceeding 20 minutes.

Menstrual cycle, stress and breathing exercises

Menstrual Cycle Tracking helps to keep track of menstrual periods and ovulation and provides useful reminders. Stress Monitor calculates your stress level in 4 levels through your heart rate variability: comfortable, normal, medium and high. Breathing Exercises guide the user to help reduce stress with deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

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