Red Dead Redemption 2

A very interesting bug found in Red Dead Redemption 2

An interesting error was found in Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the best games of recent years.

Even after so long, Red Dead Redemption 2 still continues to come to the fore with its interesting details and, of course, its visuality. As a matter of fact, the game’s 8K Ray Tracing modding has emerged recently, and we have seen how the already beautiful graphics have sprung up. An interesting error was discovered this time in Red Dead Redemption 2, which was praised for considering every detail and having an integrated and living world atmosphere.

A very interesting bug found in Red Dead Redemption 2

We can say that this error, which was discovered by one of the players in the online mode of the game, spread in a short time by the testing of other players. The character of the player, who went to the turbine part of a water mill in the game, was suddenly thrown into the air hundreds of meters from the ground. Afterwards, it was tried to see if this error would occur in all water mills in Red Dead Redemption 2, and they were all found with the same situation. encountered.

In short, all the players who went to the turbine section encountered a similar error and found themselves hundreds of meters above. Of course, let’s remind you that when you do it in Online mode, the landing will not be very smooth and your character will die. You can take a look at a video shot for this interesting error below.

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