Elden Ring fragmanından kısa bir kesit sızdırıldı

A short section of the Elden Ring trailer leaked

A short section was leaked from the Elden Ring trailer, which was rumored to be released this month.

Elden Ring Although almost two years have passed since its announcement, we haven’t seen anything other than the announcement trailer about the game. In the meantime, although there are rumors that the game will appear frequently, neither From Software nor Miyazaki have made a statement about it. Here is a short video leaked today for Elden Ring, which players who love the Souls genre are eagerly awaiting.

Elden Ring video leaked

First of all, when we look at the video, we see a dragon blasting fire. Later, this dragon moves towards a player and we see that the character we will manage is also dodging. Afterwards, a finishing stroke draws attention, albeit for a very short time. Of this video Elden Ring alleged to be from the new promotional video prepared for. Although there are those who claim that this video is fake, Jason Schreier previously claimed that From Software was preparing a trailer and that this claim is based on solid sources. had had.

It is stated that there is much more detail in the long trailer with this short scene. According to the reports, there is a boss fight with a huge sword in his hand, as we can see in the first announcement video, apart from this dragon. In addition, there is information that there is horse riding in the game and that there will be war on horse in open areas. You can check out this short video of the game below. If it is correct, we can say that the long fragment is just around the corner. Of course, the accuracy of this video has not been officially announced yet.

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