Teamfight Tactics Avrupa Finalleri’nde 4 Türk oyuncu yer alıyor

4 Turkish players take part in the Teamfight Tactics European Finals

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) will fly our flag with 4 Turkish players taking part in the European qualifiers to be held for the Roads World Championship.

One of the most played productions of Riot Gams Teamfight Tactics Regional qualifiers begin for (TFT) ahead of the World Championship. Teamfight Tactics Roads Championship It was stated that four Turkish players will participate in the European finals and will represent our country. The company’s statement and dates on the subject are as follows;

There are 4 Turkish players in TFT Europe qualifiers

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) European representatives for the World Roads Championship will be announced this weekend. Among the 16 players who will compete in two stages on March 13-14, 4 Turkish players will be flying our flag.

In the new TFT World Championship system, Turkish players can now participate in the European Qualifiers. To participate in the final stage of a total of 64 players from Europe including Turkey fiercely fought tournament, he was able to print 4 Turkish name of the last 16 players. At the end of the European Finals, which will continue on 13-14 March, only 6 players will be able to continue their journey to the world finals in April. The names of the 4 players who will represent our country on the way to the World Finals by flying our flag in Europe are as follows: “Ginggg, Desertbean, anniecondaTFT and Cynarr.”

Final excitement will be held on Sunday, March 14th at 15:30 on Nyugamingtv with Nyu and Holythoth narration. at your address will be experienced. For all the details about TFT, you can visit and follow Teamfight Tactics social media accounts.

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